Could we get Battlefield like squad commands?

When you play BF you press a button forgotten which 1 and you can pick from a number of commands,could this be implemented in Evolve somehow to help with none mic teams?


“All go to relay”
“Follow the trapper”
“Heal me please”
“Shield me please”
“Help I’m in a plant”
“Help tyrants on me”


This is a pretty great idea for pubbing or premades; the commo-rose in BF is one of its better team-oriented features.

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Really? Why? Why wouldnt you include-
“Hey guys! An Albino here! Collect his Organs! :blush:

Yeah when I’m in squad in BF I’m always clicking them ha! And the team work is so good in BF people always throw down med bags ammo etc I love it,maybe evolve could follow these footsteps! Get the community helping one another better

Loool I didn’t write all of them down,that was in there I swear! :yum:

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Oh god, I would really spam those if they implement this idea… lol


Has to be done in times of need!

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I’d say cut it down to 4-6 options just for ease of use.

Help - marks your icon on the HUD with a little exclamation point icon.
Heals - marks your icon in the HUD with a little medic icon.
Monster - marks your spotted point with a little monster icon on the HUD (in place of the yellow dot it otherwise would’ve been).
Albino/Dangerous Wildlife - marks spotted point with some wildlife icon. (Could be split, where one generally means ‘avoid’ to be used on things like nomads and megamouths, and the other means ‘collect’.)

Could maybe have just generic Attack and Defend commands as well, that would flash up a little attack or defend marker on the overlay.

Yeah anything that makes it easy for fellow hunters to see that you need a heal or help would make it far better for people without mics or even with mics

My commands would be something along the lines of “why aren’t you throwing the dome?!” “You’re the medic, don’t try to punch the monster!” and “Assault, you have one job and you’re not doing it!”


Lol!! :laughing:

Spamming that command like:
"why aren’t you throwing the dome?! why aren’t you throwing the dome?!“why aren’t you throwing the dome?!”
Trapper: FINE!!!
Me: Thank you :smile:


Haaa 10 chars

You mean, when I ping the ground below my feet 50+ times and I have a sliver of health left…
the Medic doesn’t understand to heal me?!?!



More like
Me: “Why aren’t you throwing the dome?! Why aren’t you throwing the dome?! Why aren’t you throwing the dome?!”
Trapper: “FINE”
Me: “oh nevermind, that was a decoy”


More like

“Ok support your the only 1 left why are you going full steam into the monster for? Any chance of cloak/running derrrr!”

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Oh god, I do that all the time!

The things micless players have to do…

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Y’all know the Command I’d really like that wouldn’t ever feature “What the F**king hell ya doing noob” sorry I couldn’t resist my inner true feeling lol

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Even if your solo with a mic on ps4 it doesn’t help because the playback quality is so bad you have to party chat to understand a word,otherwise it sounds Martian!! Or like a dalek

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