Could Use Some Help With My Youtube Channel

I’m trying to make a good banner and channel icon but I’m struggling a bit with ideas. So far it’s like super Assassin’s Creed themed but I’m not quite sure I like it that much.

If you want to check out what it looks like here:

I am very open to suggestions and hell if one of you guys want to do me the amazing favor of helping me make it I would love that.

Why not a general game theme? I like the font though.

The symbol reminds me of assassins Creed.

Yeah… I can see why, huh

That’s what I want to go for but can’t really find a good one that I’m 100% I can just use for free.

Lol it was my favorite game series once upon a time but I think I’m looking forward to Need For Speed a lot more this year.

Here is what my youtube banner is, perhaps you can gain an idea from it.

I want mine to read

TomsMeatPlatter: He’ll give you the Tip you need!


Sounds dirty :stuck_out_tongue: lol

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I used this site to make mine. Nothing too special but it’s cooler than nothing.

@TheMountainThatRoars @ToiletWraith @demonhunter1245

What do you guys think about it now?

Couldn’t think of an actual logo so made a phrase and changed the background to NFS but it’s not exactly too specific.

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Better! I still think maybe something like a generic controller or something 8 bit might work better, but that’s me.

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Lol but like you said it’s a bit generic :stuck_out_tongue:

XD I don’t pay attention much