Could these be hinting t5


look at the color of monster skins there orange orange monster anyone and the guns has a spider


Didnt even cross my mind man, good catch, i gotta say im pretty convinced at arachnid monster, as for the animal skins on the monsters would be cool to see a corrilation with t5 hunters


I doubt that skins will have any correlation with future characters. I mean, why would they do that?


Because its a orange spider


…Okay. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes okay exactly


…Right. <nnnnnnnnn


Personally, a spider monster would not be interesting at all for me.

Something with multiple legs ( more than 2 ) would be interesting though.

I mean who would want this as a monster


Or it a black spider with orange armor


I can hear all the arachnophobes crying now.


Or purple armor


Don’t think so cuz Behemoth’s color is yellow-orange and goliath is red. Maybe it’s a spider or something like that but not orange color imo.


Good. They need to overcome the silly fear.


…You are joking, right?


No, I am not.


That’s rather ignorant, isn’t it? Not as simple as that.


There are many more things to worry about than spiders. I believe that fact is that not a single person has died from a red back since the 1970s or something like that.

Its like the fact that more people die from vending machines than shark attacks each year.


Oh shit thats a dangerous word


That a dangerous post


This is a dangerous thread, im opting out