Could there be an ocean version of evolve?


I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I love sea monsters.

Would it be possible for someone to make an ocean adaption of/in Evolve? Just with ocean maps and sea based monsters/hunters.

The wildlife could be changed into fish like creatures, the monsters would be like they were before, just aquatic. I dunno about the hunters though.


If there ends up being a sequel, then maybe.


That would be so awesome!! Kraken in the ocean… just perfect!


Yeah, but the other monsters would look totally different.


Basically everything would be too different, it wouldn’t Work without a full reworking. So it would be another game, if it even can be done.


No offense, but two things video game companies/developers always try to do and never seem to make work are water worlds/levels and stealth/invis mechanics. As cool as the premise would be, digital mediums for that tend to suck way too often. Not many games do it well.


Subnautica is a pretty neat game.


True, but underwater exploration and building is much different than combat. Combat underwater either feels too floaty, the physics don’t match, or you feel too sluggish because… water is sluggish. You can’t really turn/speed up/stop too well.


I’ll have you know I can punch so fast underwater I can create light and swim as fast as aquaman!


Tigers confirmed OP when wet :stuck_out_tongue:


That is very true take a look at MH3U almost everyone hated underwater combat


I’m looking at you Zelda Water Temple! :stuck_out_tongue:


God I hated the one in Twilight Princess. Those spider jerks were annoying and gave me nightmares as a kid. And I struggled with the staircase and water puzzle a lot. :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed, I couldn’t stand water fights in Monster Hunter .----.