Could there be a hunt mode without the relay?


I think that there should be a hunt survival mode when the monster reaches stage 3, instead of going for the power relay, it should just hunt down the hunters using its hunting skills and the hunters should just keep running until they die, the monster dies, or the timer runs out. It would get the hunters on their twos at the ending and would make the hunters pick up their game when the monster is at stage 1. It would also seem scarier in my opinion.


I think the relay is there mainly to force an encounter. If it went this way the four hunters could split to the corners of the map and keep spawning from the ship in the worst case.

Or ultimately without that cheeseball strat they would all just pick a spot(that favors them) and set up traps and such as normal now and wait for the monster which would function basically like the relay. The relay makes it so hunters can’t run away.


Exactly this. Nailed it right on the head.

MacMan stated that the relay was primarily to force a fight. And for kicks and giggles.


^ this. I had a game as Goliath yesterday in which I continously kicked the hunters asses and yet everytime one of them slipped away during the fight and hid until the others respawned. I was so fed up with that that I evolved to stage 3 to finish the game by destroying the relay, we had another fight in the room (power plant map) and again the support and trapper just went invisible and fled the scene. In the end the timer was at 1 second while I was attacking the relay once again, then one of them just shot me from the door, they turned invisible again and ran until the timer went on and the last second passed, giving them a free win.

Worst part was that during the replay one of them was bragging through his microphone how pro he was by copying this “tactic” from “top-players”. Honestly, if there was a game mode that made the hunters able to abuse this even further I would not want to play it at all. Hunt is fine as it is.


How about if the hunters die, they can’t come back? I totally understand everyone’s point here though so I know that this thread is just a waste of time.


That would make the mode way easier for the monster as he could basically body camp and even if he took loads of damage, taking out the medic in the process would be worth it knowing they can’t come back.

And nah, I like the idea. I just can’t think of a way it would really work with the ingame mechanics. If they removed the dropship the hunters would need to be superbuffed up somehow. Defend shows that messing with core mechanics like that is certainly on the table so maybe they’ll think something up.


Maybe. I just want a mode where it’s the monsters turn to hunt the hunters without any other objectives.