Could the new monster be ridiculously OP? (Speculation thread if it wasn't clear)

The monster should release a little overpowered since monster players won’t know how to play him. Sure, you can say the same thing about the hunters fighting it, but the game is about positioning and it is mostly the same for most monsters.

A little overpowered and then nerf him after 2 weeks, in which people will have understood how to play him.

Monster players don’t need training wheels, Lennox and Jack didn’t need them, neither do Monsters. Sure the W/L ratio won’t be accurate for at least a couple of weeks but until a few weeks to a month after her release we will have no idea if she is truly OP or UP.

I don’t crush dreams I educate people on how all their dreams are lies

If we’re gonna be really technical, the way bugs breathe would kill them long before the weight would. Bugs breathe through small holes in their exoskeleton, which would scale up exponentially as growth occurred, causing this shell to be unstable and collapse on itself. A real bug could only get up to about eight times its normal size before it just died, but this is a game and the monster was created by people. Anything is possible in games. I was also kinda going by generalities. Bugs have more natural protection than most creatures.

No they aren’t the devs have stated multiple times an answer as simple as people made them is gonna get ruled out.

They want their monsters mysterious they don’t want any explanation for where the monsters come from.

I know I was just saying that in regards to the sugar ant if it got that big it’d already be dead unless they were already making so many changes it isn’t really a sugar ant at that point.

I didn’t know the devs denied that, must have missed the announcement. I was simply going by dropship conversation. Caira telling Abe they’re not natural, Cabot thinking Hub did it, and Parnell blaming CIG9. I just hoped there was some mysterious baddie behind all the trouble.

here ya go.

wasn’t so much an announcement as a rebuttal when the basilisk troops being monster theory got very popular

Oh, thank you. I was just looking for that, too. Figures it’s got Lovecraftian roots. I never could see them as failed mutagen experiments. Kraken is Lovecraft for sure, even Wraith. Can’t see Bob or Goliath stemmed from any of his creatures, though. If it is really from that, we are bound to have a true flying monster, or even something resembling a sea monster.

This doesn’t apply if the density of the body isn’t increased as well.

Holes wouldn’t need to scale up. Skin just needs to be more porous. More holes not bigger ones.

That sacrifices structural stability and overall strength of the armor. It would essentially go from being an armored shell to a heavy-duty skin, like an elephant, but much thicker. It would also require the creature to develop bones to compensate for the lack of armor stability. Then it would no longer be a bug.

It is a monster that evolves so I don’t see why it can’t lol

Honestly, it’s a good idea, but it would ruin the whole “Chilling” factor and turn it into a gross misshapen thing. Skin and bones can’t make creature forms so creepy. Hence the reason bugs are far creepier than any mammal on Earth. If it had scales, it could still get scary, but scales are a huge step down from natural plates of armor. More movement, but less protection. Not a sensible trade-off.

I think it will have armor like behemoth, and health lower then wraiths

Crow would instantly become an extremely popular pick and they’d complain because if it was fast in sprints like wraith but with armour like behemoth it would be very hard to take it down because there’d probably be a lot less health damage in fights.

Well yeah i think this monster is gonna be very unique high armor very low health and very fast, with low damage potential. This monster is going to be very hard for people with bad aim. it will have a small hitbox to hit it and it will be very agile. But has a trade off it will have very low damage potential, and will focus on whithering hunters down.

And I keep saying this the reason why wraith is getting slower in every patch is because they didn’t want to have two small hit and run styled monsters. So they changed wraiths style.

means you are screwed against a defensive comp.

Resembling a sea monster? Like kraken?

Mark my words, this monster will begin at least a little OP that seems like a bit of the way they are balancing the new characters anyways. Plus who wants another weak monster release like behemoth… no one would play him for a month

It will release doing a little too much damage most likely. Then be toned down in a hot fix

Plus the monsters are at change the game and it’s tactics the most so for a month it will be a pub stomped anyways

Kraken is (I can only assume) based off of Cthulhu, a Lovecraftian god who lives in the sea, but has nothing to do with water. It controls lightning instead and flies. Kraken doesn’t really even look like something I’d see in the middle of the ocean. It’s got tentacles, sure, but no fins, gills, or really anything sea creature-esque.