Could the new monster be ridiculously OP? (Speculation thread if it wasn't clear)

Don’t know if anyone thought of this yet, but the T5 monster could be SO unbalanced. All the monsters have armor and health according to what they are. Goliath is essentially a big animal and thus has much of both, but not too much. Kraken can fly and move more quickly than Goliath and isn’t a brawler whatsoever and its health and armor reflect that. The Wraith is obviously not a tank, and its distinct lack of both health and armor is proof of that, but it can stealth like a boss and is easily the strongest damage/hit. Bob is huge and made of rock, of course he’s a Tank. The tier 5 monster is a bug. This much is clear from the design. One thing about bugs is that they have a natural armor - the exoskeleton - which is designed specifically to protect them from harm. This leads me to believe that the new monster will have a massive amount of armor (compared to what the similarly sized Wraith has) and a fair (fair to game balance) amount of health. It may deal in poisonous attacks, DOT, and even slowing attacks. It may also be able to lay traps or perhaps stick to objects it climbs and maneuver like that (like any bug known to man). Back on the subject of Armor, if this is the case and it also has a massive boost to stealth and speed, Armor and Armor regen buffs to such a creature would prove an incredible and unfair challenge. Thoughts? Arguments?

Watch it have the power of a snail.


Would be so mad. Good Armor, though. Silver linings.

I highly doubt it.

It’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility for it to have good armor. It makes sense for a creature with natural armor plating to be tough. For example, if you could make a sugar ant the size of a person, scaling everything proportionally, its exoskeleton could stop bullets. Spiders have tougher armor than an ant, so a mutated spider the size of a truck could easily eat a good amount of damage.

Excellent armour, slow, but deadly.


I speculate that it will seem UP when it arrives. Mostly because all the monsters will be learning it while the hunters are learning to fight it. But all the hunters will already have more experience as all currently available hunters, that they will only need to learn how to apply skills they already have appropriately to the new monster.

After 2 or 3 weeks, we’ll know if it is, in fact, OP, UP, or totally balanced.


Lenny was balanced after release , Jackal was balancend after release so if it isnt a Kraken like Monster i dont think it will be OP

Cant be any worse than behemoth on release, right?

Don’t jinx it.


I don’t see it being OP or UP. TRS has done a phenomenal job with the newest release being balanced.

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I suspect Miley will be purposely released more on the underpowered side, the new monster will be a big adjustment to get used to. and seeing how the community loves to over exaggerate issues (looking at you Wraith) it will be best to release her in a launch day behemoth state.
There’ll also be less backlash from players who are really against the idea of DLC, by purposely releasing a nerfed monster.

Imagine the hate the game and devs would have had received if Behemoth was released as good as he is right now or going to be next patch.

One of the reasons I see this could be happening is because Lennox and Jack were released on the stronger side of things, gotta keep that 85 happy,

Once players adjust to Miley then they’ll bring her up a bit more depending on how well she played.

Just my two cent…

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did you mean behemoth?

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Hang on, I’ll just grab my crystal ball.

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Nope and behemoth isn’t deadly just seesaw him.image

Yeah but it’d also be crushed under the weight of that armour.

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Really any new character is a big adjustment to get used to but most everyone gets used to them fairly quickly.


Yes, all the complaining about Wraith has practically made her a completely different Monster. No longer the fast and elusive Monster she once was :cry:

Except, they will feel the rage of a thousand Monster players who say that

"Lennox and Jack were mostly balanced at release, why the fuck do we get a bullshit underpowered Monster? You’ve proven you can balance properly so what the fuck?"

How about we just make her balanced? You used Behemoth as an example saying:

Which, if I’m being honest, is not a good comparison.

Behemoth was said to be the biggest and toughest, he had the biggest health and armor pool and they specifically said that if Behemoth reaches S3 then he is practically unstoppable. People knew what was coming.

Therefore if he was released balanced than few people would complain, but he was released like a neutered dog with it’s tail between its legs leaving Hunters to laugh at anyone who thought picking him was a good idea. He was the Bucket of the Monsters.

That’s my argument, we can discuss further if you’d like about our beloved Monster.

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Kraken really isn’t that bad, just very annoying.


If someone jinxs it I’ll kill a bitch.


I can’t see it as being OP or UP.

T4 was ALL over the place purely because they were released all at once and that created a balancing nightmare for TRS. Now they’re pacing themselves with one character at a time, allowing for greater balance to be achieved and making sure the character is very fun to play at the same time.

I trust that the Monster will be perfectly balanced upon release, perhaps some things might be OP and others UP but with a little tweaking I’m sure she’ll be fine.


The monster should release a little overpowered since monster players won’t know how to play him. Sure, you can say the same thing about the hunters fighting it, but the game is about positioning and it is mostly the same for most monsters.

A little overpowered and then nerf him after 2 weeks, in which people will have understood how to play him.

Monster players don’t need training wheels, Lennox and Jack didn’t need them, neither do Monsters. Sure the W/L ratio won’t be accurate for at least a couple of weeks but until a few weeks to a month after her release we will have no idea if she is truly OP or UP.