Could the Devs do some live play on twitch?


Just wanted to say that I think I’ve watched every E3 evolve video 20 times. My son and I are so sick of hearing “That’s RIGHT JPARTY!” that if I play any of them again he’ll hurt me lol. (you should do a count like we did of how many times that guy says just that exactly).

At any rate, Could the devs or some Turtle Rock folks do some live stream of them playing some matches just so we have something new to watch? It would really be appreciated.


Tell them to Stream the Alpha play! :slight_smile:


None of the Alpha gameplay can be streamed unfortunately. Doing so is seen as a breach of the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) that Alpha players will need to agree to.

I think there’s been mention of this before, but 2K would be the guys who make the final decision. They need the game to sell well, so if they think live-streaming the game could negatively effect game sales (for whatever reason) then they probably won’t allow it.

That said, the very last match of the Nerdist E3 tournament still hasn’t been completed yet (as far as I’m aware) so perhaps we’ll see that eventually :slight_smile:


Yeah, the thing to remember is that Alphas and Betas are put out for testing purposes. They help the developer iron out the kinks and identify problems before release.


It’d be pretty entertaining watching someone playing normally then suddenly falling through the world or getting trapped in tree geometry and ragdolling. You could call it, Evolve: Stage 1.