Could Sunny Yu be a descendent of Zheng He?

For those who do not know, Zheng He was a Ming dynasty Chinese explorer who sailed all the way to Africa and Europe on ships 3 times as large as modern aircraft carriers during the 15th century, way earlier than Christopher Columbus ever did.

The path above shows the route that Zheng He and his fleet of a hundred ships travelled around the world. Some believe that a few of Zheng He’s original ships even got lost and ended up discovering California (there is a book on this).

Since Zheng He travelled to Africa, as shown here:

It is therefore possible that Sunny may have been a descendent of Zheng He, since she has a Chinese surname (Sunny Yu), indicating that she has Chinese blood in her.

Do you all think this is possible?

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Also, you realize that there are- even right now- a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot of Chinese people? I mean there are like 1.3 BILLION in CHINA. And then a lot of us in other countries too…


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Lol thought you meant Zheng He from the Dynasty Warriors series XD silly me.

Look at that world map. Each arrow is a boost. China literally domed Africa by just taking the capacity perk.

…By boosting Crow after he sends Gobi Desert out.

Puts on sunglasses


If she is then she’s a descendent of a Muslim (Zheng He). Evolve diversity ftw!

Nah it ain’t gonma happen.Zheng He is an enunch he don’t have the tool to…you know pass on his genes.

2 obvious candidate would be 1. Lu Bu as monsters flee in terror at the sight of her mighty nuke launcher as any logical man would flee from Lu Bu back in ancient china or 2. Chow Yeung Fat or 3. Ghenghis Khan and last I heard plenty of folks have descended from him.

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Or she could be descended from me! Eh? Eh? @Shin I like this theory, you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems to make perfect sense to me. ^.^

Can this guy just get banned already? Constant trolling.

Galactoid? No, he’s humorous. Nothing wrong with putting some of his conspiracy theories on the forums. ^.^
Makes you think.

I give this gif 11/10 ign

By far the best Science Gif out there.