Could someone make a video comparing all the medics heal bursts?


I want to see how Slim stacks up in terms of pure healing so could you guys post a comparison video?

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I can just tell you that all medics other than Slim have a 15meter radius whereas Slim has a 30 meter radius and they do equal healing I believe.


Slim has 30m, the rest have 15. Laz’s burst recharges faster but heals less.

Slim’s recharges via his gun and has a pretty green ring.

There are no other differences.


Are you sure Laz heals less?


Confirmed by MacMan ages ago. He heals 17% max health, the others are 20, or something along those lines.

But as I said, it charges MUCH faster.


Didn’t know that you learn something every day I guess lol


I knew it charges faster though.


Slim definitely heals less. Not even 1 bar of health, whilst Caira’s does.


slim’s healing burst heals for way less then cairas

i think ive read that its healing arround 40 or 50 % less