Could not use any abilities at evolve stage 3


Just reporting a bug which left me unable to use any monster abilities at stage 3.

Happened once, as a Kraken last night. I play on the PC and initially I started a match with one point in lightning strike, banshee mine and vortex. I evolved to level 2 during the course of my match and put one additional point in lightning strike, banshee mine and vortex. So now I had those three abilities with two points in them each.

So during the course of the match I evolved to stage 3 and I wanted to put one further point into lightning strike, banshee mines and vortex strike however banshee mines already had a third point assigned to it when the skill selection poppued up during evolution. Vortex and lightning strike still had two points in them, meaning a total of 7 points assigned to skills before I even assigned my evolution stage 3 points.

So I placed one additional point into lightning strike and vortex, maxing them out. Because banshee mines mysteriously had an additional point in it I placed my 10th skill point into aftershock.

Upon hatching I couldn’t use any ability. There was no red icon under my health to say that they were available, no grey cooldown circle, just hollowed circles and trying to press the buttons did nothing.

So I became a ten point skilled monster who couldn’t use abilities, I think the appearance of that mysterious point is possibly a cause as it’s the only unusual thing that took place in the match. Please bare in mind as I am sure you are aware that you are meant to have only a maximum of 9 skill points in a match, so the appearance of a mystery skill point “broke” it.


If this happens again try pressing ‘Take a break’ in the pause menu and then take over the bot again, that might work. :smiley: