"could not connect to evolve profile service" issue

i did the same but It didnt work. I dont really know what to do now. =(

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@TonySlrak did you make sure you deleted both cache files before validating? This worked for me.

Yes, I did

What else have you tried?

@TheMountainThatRoars tried to reinstall the game then delete the cache files and then verify the game cache integrity. After this I saw that only one file named ‘‘precache’’ was reinstalled is it a problem?

Have you tried this? Might not work, but worth a try.

sorry but i didnt understand how to do this i’ve installed Google drive but what to do next i don’t know

You shouldn’t need to install drive, just download this file:

And run it.

should i verify the game cache integrity after this?

ooh, It doesn’t work again…
May be my computer doesn’t wont to make this game work.

Can you try to go to http://www.systemrequirementslab.com and use their application to make sure your system can handle Evolve?

I think it can because I’ve spent some hours in Evolve playing with 70+ fps

Oh then yeah you’re good spec-wise.

I think my problem isn’t in game, may be something wrong with my… internet connection or something connected with it, but other online games are working without any problems.

Using that file above didn’t, work right?

no, it didn’t

Can you run it again and post a screenshot of the results?

i can’t because when I running it something uninstalling and then that window just closing

how i should open it just double-clicking? http://dropmefiles.com/DgJBK

i have to go and I won’t be able to answer you for 7 days, thank you a lot for trying to help me, may be really have some troubles with my connection.
P.S. You and your team made great game good luck and thank you once more.