Could Hunters always respawn in Arena mode?


Just wondering I was about to win then they respawned I don’t remember respawning in arena mode when I was a hunter those 2 times, was it a glitch? or was it the fact I haven’t played in about 7 months I missed a patch or two?


There’s a hunter named Emet, he can place a respawn beacon down and bring hunters back, that is, unless you break the respawn beacon within it’s 30 seconds of deployment.


I think you were fighting Emet, he has a respawn beacon.

Got ninja’d


Thank you very much, now I feel bad for quitting… LOL I thought the game was on their side and glitched it for them XD I thought heck no I’m not playing with this glitch on! but now… Now I’m labeled.


Yep, it’s just like Jack’s beam, kinda… It’s practically the same size and lets a massive blue beam into the sky, kill it and you’re good to go :smiley:


My first match against Emet…I thought the same thing.

“I killed you, Maggie! How are you shooting me right now?!”

“Ahh… Emet.”


Never let Emet use the beacon in arena, super dangerous >_<


Does it have a Charge time? Can I just wack him?


I almost pulled it off the other night when streaming… The guy broke it and it went into sudden death. He tried to sneak finish me while I’d already fired my repeater >_>


It’s pretty easy to see the blue beam, but if EMET is smart and puts it low, behind a wall near the edge of the dome, it can be almost hidden. You’ll see the Respawn timer pop up on the corner of your screen though, that’s how you know he placed it.


The beam has a 1 minute cooldown after he places it(?) I think


Alright thanks! it was him and a DPS I went after the damage cause I thought what’s the healer gonna do… I was gonna get level 3 for the trophy but then they spawned… Now I know thanks everyone!