Could evolve ever go into Esports?


What do you guys think? Unless it already is…


Depends what you call E-Sport. It will have it´s 20 teams for the next year or so, but nothing major…


Does TRS/2K want it to: yes.
Will it happen: probably not.

Why not? This game has already gotten a lot of flak for the DLC practices and prices. Along with being a full priced, so not many people will try it out (unlike LoL or Dota2 which are both free to play).
Next up is RNG: competitive people hate it and it’s a significant part of this game (carrion birds).
And last but not least: bugs and instability. Just look around the forums or reddit and see how many issues are being reported. This means that if Evolve was an e-sport, a lot of matches would have to be restarted because something bugged again. This includes major bugs like Behemoth taking 2x damage (confirmed by TRS) and that invisible monster/camera/spectator bug.


as long as it’s pay 2 win



Pay 2 Win? Explain.


prolly not, since there is no money in it in the long term.

I don’t see 2k pitching in any prize money 6 months - 1 year from now, do you?


I think he is implying that the tier 4 hunters/monster are OP and therefore pay2win.

I quite like it when people whine OP right after a patch, because I know I can ignore them in any other balance discussions.


Me too. I don’t get why people scream OP right when stuff comes out. People HATED fighting Abe when first came out, and people figured out strategies against him and all those OP threads dissipated. The sad part is that we’re going to get four times that many threads with the four new hunters.