Could Evolve 2 and 3 + All new monsters + hunters have already been released without our notice?


I was wondering just a few minutes ago, that Evolve 2 and 3 may have already been released a long time ago, while evading our notice.

Here is why:

According to wikipedia:

This theorem means that for any bound and infinite system (like a billiard ball table), all the particles in it are doomed to repeat themselves after a finite amount of time.

Since our universe is believed to have a finite amount of mass, and has a hyperspheric configuration, this means that it is bound spatially and materially. Additionally, new studies have shown that our universe is a closed one, and will not expand indefinitely.

This means that Poincare’s recurrence theorem holds for our universe, and that everyone is doomed to repeat history after a very long period of time (some estimates hold it to be 10 to the power of 10000 years), but it will happen.

The problem being: if it will happen, does it mean that it has happened an infinite number of times already?

This means that Evolve 2 and 3 may have long been released since the last recursion, along with all the patches, balances, fixes, new hunters, new monsters etc.

The point being: players have no reason to ask for more, since TRS has already given them enough many billions of years ago.



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