Could Custom Skins Be A Possibility?

@GrizzleMarine try to make a new thread with poll, If people will be interested in custom skins , if there will be enough possitive feedback, tag devs and maybe miracle will happen :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude… there is a store for them? They do give out some for free but a lot of the good ones are in the Evolve store.

Why not something as simple as a primary, secondary and tertiary colour picker. Almost like in Warframe, that way you can pick any colour for the main body of the monster then secondary and tertiary colours for the finer detailed parts.

It would also remove the possibility of a monster being covered in dicks lel.

If they are mostly free and released through quality control then I believe it can work. I’d get started as soon as it came out.

As for actually selling them, ERM… Is not a topic I’m comfortable with discussing because I don’t know how it will be handled with the current population and the steam integration being pretty shitty.

2k needs money…

Like a fish needs the desert.

OK TRS needs the money. To you know fix Bucket they need resources.

I feel like this could happen a couple of ways:

  1. They allow people to make skins and they have people upload them to be voted on/judged/picked or whatever, and the winner(s) have those skins implemented into the game for the community.

  2. Same as #1, but 2K makes those skins available for purchase in the Store (more likely to happen)

  3. As @Max_Hathaway said, they could make a custom color picker for monsters like they have for the badges. Expanding on that idea, they could make different patterns on the skins be another in-game reward for players. Like after running as the monster for so many meters you unlock a cheetah print alpha for the monster that you can then color any way you want.

I keep trying to find ways to have more rewards in the actually game because besides the weekend challenges and Accolades, I’m not really achieving or gaining anything new from playing the game. Rank will help, but I’d like more small stuff personally.

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I would kill for this option. I guess it would be similar to the masks in Payday where you purchase the pattern but can choose colors.

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I’m fine with this…

Add in colour palettes, and sell those in the store? Something like how Warframe does it. Then you can recolor and such. Then have the same thing like patterns for sale as well.

Then have special palettes for community events, as well as patterns that people can obtain for free?
Then as you said, challenge palettes/patterns for challenges in game?

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I’ve never played Warframe so I Googled it and found this video for anyone else that isn’t familiar with how that game does custom skins:

This is pretty much what I was picturing in my head for that option, yes.
I’d like to see something like this for the hunters as well as the monsters.

Then I’m assuming there’d be another tab under Profile to make your own custom skins, be able to save them, and then they’d be added to the Customize option at the character loading screen.
I’m not sure how else they’d be implemented because there isn’t enough time to completely customize like this before a match.


Wow grizzly like your channel! Anyway I like this idea, and i just made a suggestion for new monster skins and challenge and I’m waiting for people to give their input (BTW I’d like to have some input from a pro so check it out. ). But if this idea were to become reality I would love to just design the skin myself and submit it for people to vote.

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