Could Custom Skins Be A Possibility?

Now I know what you are thinking. “OH NO! Goliath covered in dicks will not be a good thing”

I am actually a aspiring artist and one thing I would love to do is have the the ability to create my own monster / hunter weapon skins. The reason we do not have the ability to make custom skins in the game is because of course you would get people just making rude skins but there is a good alternative which I would like to see become a reality.

Games like CS:GO (for those of you that are not familiar with it) give the models of the weapons to the community and then what people can do is edit and customise those skins in Photoshop or other programmes to create something really epic. Once that happens, they can then upload it to the steam workshop which allows all players to see and then up vote those skins, this is where the devs can then choose weather to put that skin in the game or not.

So… why can’t the same thing be done with Evolve? Even in the models are far too complex to be able to download and edit for the average Joe couldn’t a programme be developed to do this? My point being I would love to have the opportunity to create something really epic and it have a chance of getting in to the actual game.

It is also very clear that skins have become a big part of Evolve so why not make them more… should we say “special”
In other words skins that are perhaps be worth more than others?
Could be sold and bought?

I am not trying to send this in the complete direction of CS:GO because originality is very important. However, I would really like to hear peoples thoughts and ideas on this topic because I am sure there are other people among the community who would love to do this.


That’s not what I’m worried about. Think of the Wraith skins…




It’s the second coming of the Sexy Wraith! @Azmi_Anuar @KingWut117 les do dis!

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Don’t you dare.

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Uh oh we’re gonna have to pull out our safety blankets.


Edit: This gif is so old it’s not even relevant anymore, lol.
At least I got a lot out of it.



I think releasing them for free as a community challenge thing would be better, have a store for them would make it hell for the legal team handling the process as money is serious business.

Hey… It’s a good Gif… Don’t stop using…

On the issue of custom skins, I like it. So long as you don’t actually need to have steam access with the game to download it (might be tricky for consoles), but if Devs can pick top skins to add to the stores, or skins they personally think are worthy of being added to the game, I like it.

I’d like for community skins to become possible.

I’m down for community made skins, but I really detest the idea of item boxes, rare skins, etc. So many games do that whole gamble thing and as much fun as it may be for others who have the money to spare, I very much dislike it as a concept.

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the big problem for me would be people recreating skins that are already made, unless obviously they picked the skins that would be added and you couldnt just download them like warthunder.

I came in here to talk about making a penis Goliath skin, looks like OP knows me better than I thought

I’d be so down for that!
I know they use 3ds Max at TRS, so it’d be easy to just export out an .obj of the model that has UVs. OBJs are pretty universal, or FBX is better for anything Autodesk.

I would make soooo many cool ass skins. I was even thinking recently of making my own stylized 3D rig of Daisy because I love her so much. I want to make her do stupid stuff lol


Lets be honest, you want it just to make a GM skin lol

Thank you i wanted to see this yesterday and couldn’t find you. I still think it’s funny.

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I thought it was hilarious


(whispers) yes please…

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Goliath doesn’t have one… So the skin may be necessary, for the sake of realism of course


If you do make it sell it for 10$ to see who’s really dedicated to the idea