Could be mute function changed to full ignore?


This forum is just great! Maybe best forum that I’ve seen for any game ever except one thing:Mute function
Could there be ignore function added? [messages,comments and threads from ignored user would not show up at all]

Also mini guide to mute:


This is something you should take to Discourse, I believe TRS can’t do anything about it unless there’s a plugin for it.


thank you will do


Here is the link to Discourse (forums):


I always thought people mean ‘Discord’ and call it Discours here



Yeah, but Discourse has been around long before Discord. I was a part of a gaming community that also used the software. :wink:

Thus I’m a big fan of it since it’s not the usual MYPHP or something along those lines.


I can work on an easy firefox plugin that ignores users if i get the time


I do not claim It was not.It is just that I was introduced first to Discord that is pretty popular here on forums too.
And people used It in weird sentences like ‘lets meet on discourse’ so I thought they mean discord and misspell It on purpose for some meme reasons

That would be great.I use one for 4chan /g to remove shills and Pajeets.