Could an (Almost) Blind Monster Result in an Opposite Cat and Mouse Effect?


It seems like every evolve match results the same way, a cat and mouse game with the monster always being the mouse. There never seems to be a game where the monster assumes the “cat” role at the beginning. Could this role be reversed if we had a “blind” monster?

By blind I mean to say a monster without an easy way to zero in on the hunters. Each monster relies on sight and smell to find the hunters, but what if we could impede one of these senses in favor of extremely powerful defense or attack? Would this reverse the always-cat roll presented by the hunters to where the monster would be the one trying to catch the hunters?


Hmm. Perhaps a new game mode? Monster starts off Stage 3 but doesn’t have sniff and the Hunters have to kill it in a certain time frame. Interesting.


I feel that would still make the hunters the “cat.” Now if the monster had to down them in a certain timeframe that would turn cat-status toward the monster.


But then the Hunters could easily, easily evade it. Without the detection power offered by sniffing, the Hunters would be able to cheese the relay in Hunt. In an alternate mode, the Monster would have zero chance of winning.


You have a point.


That’s not to say we can’t have a Monster playing the cat, it’s just that removing the smell or basic situational awareness for the Monster is a bad idea.

How about forcing the Hunters to perform certain tasks and having the Monster hunt them down before they can do so? A long match, but full of action.


That sounds good. Gives both the monster and humans a fair shot at winning, and it kind of turns the tables on hunt to where the monster has to be the one to initiate.


I think these are good ideas that should be taken into consideration. Well thought out, action packed gamemode. Brilliant thinking. I’m gonna go check up on my forum topic now. You should check it out. I thought it would be interesting.


All Gamemodes COMBINED (hunt, rescue, nest)


Or just play Kraken and you are always the cat.


But the monster would have to kill the hunters, not the hunters to the monster


What about a gamemode named. Extraction… The hunters got stuck on the planet shear… (Any map) what where they doing there… They where scouting for posible bases… Ok going back…
There is this huge monster (you) that is level 3 and whants to eliminate the hunters… While the hunters need to whait for a drop ship to pick em out… They have 8 mins.

Other thing since it is supposted to be a scaping mode for the hunters… Maybe there could could be no assoult, and traper hunters. Maybe 2 supports and 2 medics…
Or maybe only 1 medic, and 1 support

Also before i forgot to tell. Each 2 min they will get rienfortsments… For example turrets will appear and drones that will be sent by your fellow hunters, while you wait for the dropship…

Last thing, the dropship might include mor hunters to take the monster down…
So monster wins, if he kills the hidding hunters.
Hunters win when they get the help they needed and kill the monster.
NOTE: the game will finish 2 min after the dropship arrives. So if you playing as monster didn’t kill them… Well get ready to run


I would not be opposed at all to a survival mode


Something me and a few people have talked aboutvthat would be kickass is horde mode, not sure how exactly tho, tons of varying lvl bots for hunter or monster side?


Except all monsters are FAR faster than the hunters, making a reverse cat and mouse useless


All domes aren’t operational no medic or support is too op


I already achieved this with Goliath. You should watch my videos and see the slaughter. Link is in my bio man :stuck_out_tongue:


Evolve is entirely built around that shift in the balance of power - this would either just force a fight to the death sooner or be an entirely different game.