Could a Trapper have a smaller dome?


I’m curious on people opinions!! I only say smaller because I feel like a bigger dome would be pointless. It would be way easier to dome a monster, and way easier to avoid Hunters in a dome, lol. But all the medics have their own unique heal burst mechanics, do you think a Trapper could have a smaller dome, maybe just a third smaller? It would be way harder to land, you’d definitely need a good trapper and to get up close, but the pay-off could be large. Maybe it could last a little less time to compensate? Any thoughts? :smile:

I’ve also wondered if an Assault could have a unique Personal Shield, like instead of an orb around him, a wall in front of him allies can stand behind? Just a thought, I’d love feedback!!


This topic is being covered (or has been) here :slight_smile: