Could a dev or mod possibly give me a picture of kraken?


I really just need a picture of kraken without that arm in the way. like a cannot find any photo without his arm, but i really need one to see his full body for my own purposes.

If anyone happens to have one would it be possible to share it with me.

Thanks in advance


humm, intriguing, very intriguing indeed.


Cough Cough Ahem… ( I’ll see if i can find it anyway :stuck_out_tongue: )
yeah i got nothing… :confused:


Here’s the Turnarounds anyway… Hope they are good enough for… uhm… your purpose…



This thread is even more disturbing when you know that what everyone’s refferring to exists.






More like for Science amirite? :wink:


Study study study study.


Biological* Science !

( O.O* )


Woah woah woah… Tone it down a little… lol there are powerful beings among us with mighty hammers of banneth…ness stuff…

Thats better lol


This thread is a car crash that makes you slow down a bit and look as you drive past it. Is that blood? Is that brain tissue? Oh, wait, it was just ketchup and quark…



Would it be possible to get one without that arm in the way.


I like it how u completely ignored other irrelevant posts that doesnt answer your question :joy:


They don’t need to know why i need it. Its for my own purposes :wink:


I doubt it as they would have to repose it (I think). But hey, one can always ask. @MacMan If you have the time, is it possible to share a turnaround image of kraken where its right arm isn’t blocking the view of the torso?