Cosplay Reference Pictures?



I’ve really been digging this game since getting a chance to play it at Pax Prime this year, and now with the big alpha ongoing, I’ve sealed it in my mind that I must bring a version of Markov to life as Cosplay.

Does anyone know if there are any really good reference pictures of Markov available? I would love a “T” pose series if anyone has it. If not any leads to pictures of the his leg/boots and backpack would be a huge help.

Thanks in advance!


I know this has been brought up before. It might be a project @DamJess knows more about? I definitely agree that there should be pictures. 2K put them up for Borderlands: TPS, so they should do the same for Evolve.


@MacMan has posted pics like this for everyone revealed I believe


Yes Twisted that link was perfect, I was looking in it just before you posted in it, and it is just what I needed as a cosplayer to get started. looking forward to start making armor this week! Of course I’m going to take a few liberties on it to make it my own, but this is a very awesome start! Thank you for all the help!


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