Cosplay and Fan Art

To all you creatives out there…

I am particularly anxious to see what the community comes up with in the Cosplay and Fan Art arena. We’ve already seen a few awesome pieces of concept art come out of the community, but as more and more information, videos, and screenshots begin to surface this week, I expect this scene to grow quite a bit for Evolve!

I can’t wait :).

Fansite kit:

Cosplay kit:

EDIT: An updated fan kit has been added here: Click here to download.

If the above link doesn’t work, try this one:


Cosplays are gonna be siiiiiiiiiick!! Really can’t wait.


I’m waiting for someone to post a picture of themselves claiming its a monster cosplay.

I`am a Cosplay Artist from Poland and i will love to make a Hank cosplay for Polish Convention Pyrkon (

But for make it great cosplay I would like to use some more photos of Hank. Most Weapon and Backpack beacons there is not enough in move. Is it possible to get some help from Turtle Rock ?

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That’s a great idea @s_wiertelak! I’ll see what I can do in the way of orthographic shots of the four Hunters we’ve revealed so far, and Goliath :).


Thanks i hope you will like what i will make; i manage to get some sizes from trailer but its not great and i want to make it best i can. And it will be some promotion of your GREAT! game on convention :D.

I love cosplaying as monsters. This will happen.

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Hi, I made this wallpaper about the game

Hope you guys like it, you can download it from my website


Here are some wallpapers I made using pictures from the updated site. I made them in photoshop, so if anyone wants one with a particular set of hunters and monster, or at a different screen resolution feel free to message me, and I’ll make it for you in a jiffy!

Also, here is a little fun thing I whipped up for kicks and giggles:

I do design costumes as a hobby, and I have some ideas in mind for some monster suits. Those may take quite a while though.


Yeah, @DamJess I had other people ask me about cosplay kits that people could download with orthos of the characters, detail shots, etc. Should do!


Wow, very nice!

Sooooooo cool.

And @MacMan, this is something we do have in the works :smiley: If you guys wanna make costumes, we wanna help.


What @DamJess said. We’ve been working on putting together cosplay assets for several months now, it’s just a bit of a process. But we should have news very soon.

EDIT: mwahaha


Just wow, excellent wallpapers. my only suggestion would be to switch Maggie and Griffin seeing as how Griffin is now the 2nd trapper. Other than that, this is simply amazing

I really really really really really really REALLY (times infinity) LOVE these! Can’t decide between the two of which one to have, either the Kraken one because I love the Hunters or the other one because I love the Goliath! GAH! So hard to pick! Either way, fantastic job on these! :smiley:

@SlinkyGuy in all honesty, I’ve made 10 of these so that the hunters and monster cycle along the standard 10 second windows 7 slideshow wallpaper. It just loops switching trapper -> assault -> support -> medic -> monster. I can send them to you in a message if you want the set! I just didn’t want to clutter the forum.

@Brandini Good Point! Done!

Any other combinations though, I’ll send via private message to avoid clutter. At least until the third set of hunters/monster come out!

also, @Chloe and @DamJess, that sounds amazing! I can’t wait! I have an old PVC wing rig that never got used…I’ll see if I can make it more Kraken-y when I have an opportunity.


Nah it’s alright, dude, I chose the Goliath one but really, very well done, I’m really impressed with your artwork! :smile:

Hello! I am a cosplayer and I heard around the characters have changed some since the trailer? I met @Chloe at E3. I plan on making a Val build. I really hope 360 stills of the characters are released soon!
For now I will be using this picture(shown below) as a base. And a few stills of her back that I grabbed from the trailer.To get a better idea of her jet pack (Unless that changed too? No idea!).

Would be awesome to see other cosplayers progress on their Evolve builds and try to make a group gathering!


RAD! So excited to see some Evolve cosplay. We’ll get cosplay packages together come hell or high water.

I’ve really been wanting to make weapon replicas.


Thank you!
I hope more stills or 360s of their weapons will be released, as well. I deeply want to try to make Val’s med-gun.
Healing beam of goodness, in bound! Hahaha!