Cosplay and Fan Art

With that kind of Cerberus costume, a Bucket cosplay could be made! :smiley:


Agreed, make him get the accent down too!

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Man, I’m really excited to see a Bucket costume.


First Bucket cosplay sighted.


Looks like @Plaff his picture haha


image KFC Bucket? What type of bucket are we talking here.

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Just a thought, after looking over the 3D printing models, they may be really useful for cosplayers. Just so I don’t re-post, all the shots I took are here: Want Evolve toys? 3D print your own!

I did these while I was wasting time one night. Had the idea of some kind of ads for the game with the slogan, “How will you EVOLvE?”


That’s great! I think one for the Goliath would be cool. :smiley:

Here’s my Goliath pic. I used it in a morphing gif.

I will probably redo it to make it cleaner since I was just going for quick work.

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This is awesome dude!

Well what I meant was a Goliath picture like the advert you posted with the Goliath instead of the Kraken, but still awesome! :smiley:

Ok here is the gif I used it in. I meant to post it with the pic, but I forgot. I was too busy checking every minute for alpha codes.


This sounds like a challenge!

I actually have an idea or two of how I’d personally go about making such a thing happen, but as of this moment, it may have to be put on hold for a few.

At least I could possibly drum up some sketches on the ideas in the brain

Here you go Slinky Guy. Hope you like it.


I more than like it, I LOVE IT! :thumbsup:

LOL FUCK HES HUGE. idk why anyone would want to fight that beast lol. id run like hell. stage 1 i would fight maybe. but 3 his just…colossal.

adding to my evolve backgrounds

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homage to the beast that is Goliath.


aw god i love this. he looks amazing in black and white