Cosplay and Fan Art

Sounds exciting! Looking forward to seeing how well that turns out! :blush:

Gah this is so exciting! I love cosplay!

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I remember the first time I saw people doing L4D cosplay. Made me so happy. I can’t wait to see it for Evolve.


HEHEHE found a awesome pic of kraken and wiped this up

was also thinking of makeing it
Flying sharks
suddenly don’t scare me any more

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Also made this one in reference to the ign vs Greg Miller


put this one in the memes thread but thought it was good enough to be here too. btw sorry for the typos did see them till i already finished it image


Nice to see people are doing cosplay already


Steady now, Plaff! :wink:

Pretty awesome, right?!

Sure is, it actually looks really good :slight_smile:

Now I’m bummed…

Will ANY 360 stills of the hunters be released??
This is the only reason why I haven’t started on mine.
I need to see what’s going on with her jet pack. Because all I can find is side view stills and that’s hard to go off of.
I was hoping to have it done by October for the game’s release but that is looking very bleak as time goes by…


In the first video put out with the hunters fighting the Goliath, I think there are some good back shots of the hunters but don’t quote me

Kept coming out blurry and could hardly make out the details. Even when I tried to bump up the sharpness after taking the screen caps(Which I did frame by frame to the best of my ability).
Pretty stressful, honestly. x.x

We are trying to get a Cosplay package together ASAP! @Chloe is championing this for everyone :smiley:


Thank you!
Sorry if I came off pushy or anything. Totally not the tone I felt when typing that…x.x!
Just wondering if anything was going to be released, or at least a nice front/ back still of our beloved hunters.
Thanks again!


Not pushy at all – Came off as eager and excited! We want to get you what you need

Thank you,so much! <3

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I cant wait for this game. Tried to pre-order it today on Steam but they don’t want my money yet… The pics in this forum are all very good and I am glad I took the time to look. Great work… I’ve been playing around with a few things for fun while I wait for Alpha. I’m to new to post photos in the forum but Ill post as soon as I can.

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So, here’s some news on my end!;
Got a friend of mine to join in on the awesome cosplay! He’s VERY skilled with armor and he kindly offered to help out with some pieces, on my end.
He is either going to do Markov or Griffin. But he is beyond exited for this game, just like all of us!
He floored the folks at 2k with his Borderlands cosplay and made a kick a$$ Cerberus cosplay from Mass Effect.This is his Cerberus cosplay.
We plan on starting next weekend, sometime, on the tricky parts for Val.

Oh and here’s my Zoey cosplay from a long time ago;
I still have it…even though I’m a red head with bangs, now.

When Zoey met Tron…
I have a better one with my hair up but can’t find it at the moment. But I thought I’ll share my L4D cosplay, for the heck of it!