Cosplay and Fan Art


no u


That’s a mood.

I certainly am happy you approve of it! :smiley:


A Hyde you want, a Hyde you shall have @ToiletWraith! With and without color too :p.
Hope y’all like it! :smile:

(Featuring me forgetting to put his chest hair before coloring :D)


YOS I LOVE IT! Thankyou!


Oi, it’s been a while since I made a portrait (Well I did some, but not Evolve ones. Shameful of me! I know)
Here’s Val for y’all! I don’t know why she’s mad. Probably travel allowances again.

With and without color of course. Hope you like 'em! :D.

EDIT: sneaking in the fact of my random detail of giving her freckles. Has anyone else done it? No? Okay :p.


I think you should polish her a bit more, tbh. I sound a bit harsh but she looks like a teenager in her moments of badboy on your drawing.
Val is more supposedly a seducing woman who is trained to make any man fall to her eyes and manipulate them for CIG9’s purpose, here I see someone else…but althrough she seems familiar, maybe I’m thinking about a character from an animation…but I just don’t know.

At least you gave it a try and I respect that, don’t feel too bad for what I’m saying.

Edit: her eyebrows reminds me of the administrator from TF2, but I’m still not sure.


Feedback is always appreciated! Doesn’t make me feel bad at all, hahah :smile:

Personally when I draw Val, I tend to go for the more stern and composed look of her personality, kinda to reflect her seriousness more.
Still, I can’t deny she’s really quite the looker. I mean, she can’t tell if she’s “seduced anyone by accident”, that’s gotta be for a reason :p.
I can always experiment in the future with a different look for her and so :D.


Try to take a look at Trishka from Bulletstorm, she’s got a similar face and the same seriousness than Val has. But now that’s I’m thinking about that, maybe Val was inspired from Trishka, no? They’re both very serious, are absolute assassins and share the same physical traits.


Never heard of the character before, but now seeing her facial structure, I can see what you mean. She’s quite expressive too it seems! Originally inspired by her or not, this definitely gives me further inspiration for Val, yeah!


I made this for a few hours, I added all the vehicles, parts, a bit of lightning, etc…
I avoided making the poster feel blank, so I added as many models as possible to cover the field behind which is empty.


Here’s another one for some laugh.



Ate too damn much now! He’s monster Francis, you sons a bitches!


Now that you say that, it does give a sort of L4D vibe to it.


Lol that it does.


Alo, it’s been a while! Here’s a quick lil’ profile I made of our favorite space cowboy nerd :D.
Hoping for my new laptop to arrive so I can make more digital stuff, in particular a festive piece involving a certain Mr. Floppy Ears :p.

Unrelated: man, getting some coffee candies got me up in the drawing mood like nothing else! But then again, my bloodstream is mostly caffeine at this point, hahah.


Shoutout to Dovah for reminding me that I completely forgot to upload this picture I made for him a while ago!


I gotta love all the small details around you gave her, like the pistons, the lights on her spikes (Hair? Antennae? :p), the toxin capsule in the chest. With the Gorgon’s figure, it’s got an awesome biomechanical feeling so to speak! :D.

And talking about forgetting to upload stuff, I made this quick Kala some days ago and also forgot to upload here :smile:


Here’s Markov’s Lightning gun.
I tried to make it Starbound-like, I mean…I tried.