Cosplay and Fan Art


This… Is a bucket.
There’s more.



Ok that’s beyond glorious! I remember nerding out over the sketch, but this blows it away! Amazing work!


h o l y s h i t . . .

it’s beautiful!




That’s exactly what I tried to remake, but T.Wraith got it faster.



looks awesome!


Wow, this piece is simply amazing. You brought the world of Evolve to life with this work.
Very talented and I love it, thank you for finishing this piece for us


Holy crap, this is fantastic!


I made the livery myself and shared it for whoever wants to use it. The key words to find it are “Animal” “Flames” and “Video-Games”.


Hello again everyone! I feel bad for not uploading anything recently :p. Been with my things and also Inktober shenanigans, hah.
Anyways! I was toying around with my sharpie and decided to make this lil’ portrait of Kala!:

This is my first time shading in such a style, so I may do more in the future!

I also made a Caira taking a selfie with Hyde a while ago using some color pencils but it’s… Not good :stuck_out_tongue:


This time, I’d like to do an SFM poster with a special monster. The thing is…I don’t have the models for thehunters’ weapons nor their gadgets, I only have the hunters themselves as models.

By the way, I’m currently on another SFM for this Halloween, I’ll try to add some details here and there and post it once it’s finished.
And after the parody of Expiration Date I had made, I learned to use some tools I never knew how to access in SFM. Plus, it was the best SFM poster I had made since I began with the software, even my sister thinks I nailed it.

Oh, and don’t expect it to be another parody. I’ll just try with my imagination, like usual.


Hello again! So I made another of these ink portraits, Cabot this time around.
On this instance I decided to color it with my wooden pencils and keep practicing with my traditional skills and so. Wanna keep improving on that! :p.

So yeah! I certainly want to keep making these and improve 'em! They’re a lotta fun :D.


Hyde! Hyde! Hyde!
I lahb it!


I can absolutely do Hyde next! :smile:

If it works in the meanwhile, here’s a bad sketch featuring Mr. Walters and Ms. Díaz taking a selfie (It was my first time coloring traditionally in such a long time, so I was hesitant on putting it up around :p)


I see why you say it’s bad. It’s like if Caira’s face turned into Abe’s but without the hair.


inb4 I sketch Caira with a hat and a fake 'stache mocking Abe. Actually that’s not a bad idea at all :p.
(But yeah, it was just me experimenting and so, hahah. But might as well share it with y’all :p)




I said this out loud.