Cosplay and Fan Art


These are all stellar adorable…don’t know how I missed them before.


Would love to see more of this kind of stuff from you.

Also @Shika amazing image of that wraith.


Thank you! :smile:
Which reminds me I had forgotten to share a link with all the chibis individually (alongside some different versions like Demon EMET), if anyone wanted to see 'em all or wanted to use them :p.


Personally, I think Shika deserve more “likes” than me when it comes to comparing the two arts. I just posed the goliath on SFM in front of a green screen and used a bakground from Titanfall…that’s just it.

Shika spent more time on the drawing than me on the posing, clearly. Drawing something this complete is a hard job, without forgetting the mistakes that are hard to fix (having to erase then re-draw what you’ve erased for a better result).

Posing is less complicated because all you need is to find the models, you don’t need to make them, then you pose them, there’s nothing to erase or to rework, you just move the models and articulate them. That’s not possible to articulate a draw without unwanted deformations or white voids, etc…

I say that Shika deserve more than me because drawing is way harder than posing and taking a screenshot of 3D models.


If I may, I personally believe all kinds of artwork are to be cherished and appreciated for what they are and achieve :).
Some take a lot of time and work, some shorter, the mediums vary too, but I personally am one to love all forms of art and expression, hahah. So, great job to both you and @Shika! Two great pictures for sure :D.


I don’t know what else to say…I believe that hard work is worth more than simplicity.


And that is completely reasonable, I believe :smiley:


Thank you so much for the sweet words, everyone! <3

I completely agree with what @BobBricks said about this! Any piece of content deserves to be appreciated, no matter the medium.
Also I gotta tell you, Dovah, I have an very big respect for what you and other people can create with SFM. I tried the program out once and had a lot of trouble with the whole thing. So you really should take more credit for the awesome pictures you can make and already made with it!

I just had a conversation about this with Specs last night, so I’ll say it here too since it’s kinda fitting the topic:
This community is by far the most art-appreciating (and also appreciating in general) community I have ever been part of, and I can’t even put into words how much I value this.
I’ve done a lot of fan art for other games in the past, but never received the same feedback as I did here, especially because my socially anxious and quiet nature usually just made me fall under the radar. But here I actually feel like a valued part of the community and met several new friends because of that! :heart:
I’ve suddenly had people here approach me and ask for more fan art (or even my art in general), the chibis blowing up as much as they did back when development was halted is still so wild to me and I’ll probably never stop getting excited whenever I remember that some of the devs gave me likes or left comments on my art! Stuff like that really cheered me up on some not-so-great days!

So,uh, longs story short regarding this sentimental rambling: You people are the best, I love you all and I can’t thank you enough for just everything. :heart:


Finally had the time and motivation to sit down and finish this picture I was expecting to have done months ago…whoops.

There are still several unfinished pictures collecting dust in my folders, someone please send help :"D


It’s awesome once again. Even my sister would envy you, I bet.


Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds



That’s a mood. Like, just one mood.
Those two sentences really hit home :p.

And to share what several other think, it is a great piece indeed! :smiley: I remember seeing the WIP at some point before, so it’s awesome to see it done, hah.


My sister @LorenTheGinger does envy her haha

Everyone envies Shika, it’s just unbelievably stunning to look at


Incredible :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh! Here’s our CM! Hey dere!


The first person to guess what scenery this represents, win a cookie!

Edit: changed the Goliath’s neck, it looked like it was floating.


It’s righteously amazing Shika!


I don’t know what scene this is from but it looks familiar. It’s well don nonetheless. I really like Gorgon dressed up like this!


Feels like TF2 to me, even though I don’t play it.