Cosplay and Fan Art


'Least Griff does :stuck_out_tongue:
(Glad you people like it by the way, hahah. Still gotta draw him properly now)


You are entirely welcome. In fact, I really like fan-artists since I came to this forum.


Hello again! So recently I was working on a couple more pictures, and also got around to give all 20 Hunters an smol treatment. Some Chibi Hunters for y’all! Which as always I hope you like! :smiley:


Now this is bloodly awesome


I’m gonna add them to my collection of Evolve fanarts.
'Cause yes, I have a whole file of fanarts from many people.

I should do one as well, it’s been long.


Being familiar with a number of small communities, all Evolve fanart is to be deeply treasured to be honest, hahah.


Seriously well done!


I’m gonna die, they’re perfect!!




Don’t die please, it’ll get me in trouble with the authorities…

(But seriously, I’m very happy you people like 'em! :smile:)


I did something!


Wooow that is gorgeous… New wallpaper!


Quite a great picture indeed! Perspective and colors are lovely (personally a fan of light blue hues myself, hahah).

But now, let me balance the place with a bad quality comic made in 20 minutes. It is titled, Hank vs the Canyon Eel! Based on 100% canon events of the game, obviously.

(Normally I wouldn’t upload these kind of quick sketches here, but here I am laughing at how horrible amazing this dumb comic is, so might as well share it with everyone over here xD)

I might or might not properly draw this, by the way…


This is funny and I approve and I am saving this :joy:


HOLY- This reminds me of my Hank doodle hahahah


… Please

Oh my gosh I can’t, that’s amazing xD

Canyon Eels, Hank’s true nemesis.




Here’s another commission I did for @Dovahkick of his Wraith character Renald:

It’s so good to finally have time for art again after so many months. I’m hoping to have a few more pictures to share with you people soon. <3

Fan lore: Edward's story

/10 zip zap


Amazing. Just amazing… Your coloring and shading is always so beautifully blended together.