Cosplay and Fan Art



Yet another take on making wallpaper but this time i use elite skin and involve the monster.Feel free to give me feedback as i feel like this wallpaper is still missing something


I like it!


Great work!


I was wondering what you were using those images for. I love it! A+++


Half way through removing the backgrounds i was tempted to throw the project away but luckily i made it


This time i tried a reddish background and fix the Evolve icon,do you guy like this more ?


I actually think the grey background of the last one fits the elite skins better in a sense? But that’s my opinion.


I would put black behind the letters of the Evolve logo so you don’t see everything else beneath


Hello there! So, I’ve lurked the forums quite a lot in the past, and as due to recent events I figured I might as well make an account to hang around and so with everyone here :stuck_out_tongue:
In any case, to actually keep with this topic’s, well, topic, I wanted to share this lil’ drawing I made to bid farewell to an era of Evolve. One of my favorite scenes of the canon story to this day, remade as I imagined it in my head :smiley:
So yeah, I really hope you people enjoy it!


Aaaah, I remember it from the game’s fan art sections on Steam.


And I remember your comments on it as well! :smiley:
It’s a joy to put it here as well.


Very nice. Now I want an Evolve cartoon…


I’m happy to see it’s liked! :smiley:
I’ve got a couple more of drawings I’d love to share as well, tons of sketches too. Here’s one I made a bit over a year ago, featuring Kala and, well, Kala (Best character, I’ll fight you)
I hope you great people like it too!



sweet lord good art and characters, yaaaas


Fantastic work


every time I see this gif lol


Gorgons silhouette looks so sassy and sinister I love it.
(Arched back looks like hand on its hip)
All of this is awesome work!


Finally, art! Amazing work…! What a great surprise! :smiley:

Will you share some of your sketches with us?


Absolutely! I am once again glad you people like these! :smile:

Here’s a couple of pretty random traditional sketches. I plan to give several of these the digital treatment, particularly the “fake screenshots” like the scene of Abe at hospital, or the so famous I’m a spy :stuck_out_tongue: