Cosplay and Fan Art


Noice. Excepts it only highlights the current state of things.


Night Hunter Goliath :?


Heartless Goliath if he was in Kingdom Hearts



The textures can be converted, but, I DID put in an optional conversion to few modders to actually import/export the original Goliaths, and skin package into SFM when desired to

Sadly at the moment, no one seem to done it, since the Goliath package does have the Meteor Goliath, along with a second layered version to make shiny Goliaths, such as the Platinum or Gold

Goliath Package

Goliath Skins Package

Not advertising or anything, just providing a model/skin package, sure, this may be removed in time


You’re entirely free to advertise here as long as you’re the original poster. But seriously, your retexture is sick looking, good job on that.


NiOcE! * 10


I’m currently trying to port a model from Gmod to SFM because I wanted to do a screenshot with that model. The thing is that I’m running into some kind of “VMT materials” error in the console, so I’m asking on the Steam forums what’s the actual problem. I’ll let you know once I get a conclusion.

Edit: I’ve been able to fix the texture of the model, but now it has an ugly translucent effect. I’m still asking on the forums, but to fix that, I bet it’s going to be much more complicated.


I found this fan art on artstation:

If this is a repost, or someone here on the forums made it, please let me know!




I saw it on DeviantArt as well. I like the lightning effect on her eyes as well, and that might mean it’s been made on SFM.


That’s awesome! Always ready for Evolve fan art!


Hey everyone. I know I’ve been gone for a really long time. I had some rather nasty stuff I had to deal with that I won’t get into, but I’ve returned! I know that our beloved game is nearing it’s end, but I won’t let it be forgotten! I’ve been coming up with some projects that I will share with you, but all I have completed is this:

This is a Goliath Skull based off of the picture submitted by “The bone collector” for the We Love Fine T-Shirt contest. Still mad that I was never able to purchase any of the shirts made for Evolve, but I have this to fill the void. I will be working on these pictures later when I have some spare time:

If you’re wondering why these pictures look so odd, it is because they are created using very few colors that blend when you are far away to create colors that aren’t really there. Same way a TV or computer monitor would. I also used this technique to create this piece:

I have more to show off, but I’m going to be leaving for work and I don’t want to throw everything in this one post. Good to be back guys! If anyone wants to hop on the PS4 version of Evolve and knock out any achievements, play some matches, or just want to play some stage 2 on PC before time runs out, let me know!


Nice man! Glad to hear you’re back.


W.O.W.!!! Incredible! Great job!


Anyone know what Lazarus skin tone is ?


Deathly pale


Well if you happen to have the color code pls let me know,i have been doing some modding of DD


Just grab a promo image of him and color pick his skin


It give 100% white @@