Cosplay and Fan Art


Noice. Excepts it only highlights the current state of things.


Night Hunter Goliath :?


Heartless Goliath if he was in Kingdom Hearts



The textures can be converted, but, I DID put in an optional conversion to few modders to actually import/export the original Goliaths, and skin package into SFM when desired to

Sadly at the moment, no one seem to done it, since the Goliath package does have the Meteor Goliath, along with a second layered version to make shiny Goliaths, such as the Platinum or Gold

Goliath Package

Goliath Skins Package

Not advertising or anything, just providing a model/skin package, sure, this may be removed in time


You’re entirely free to advertise here as long as you’re the original poster. But seriously, your retexture is sick looking, good job on that.


NiOcE! * 10


I’m currently trying to port a model from Gmod to SFM because I wanted to do a screenshot with that model. The thing is that I’m running into some kind of “VMT materials” error in the console, so I’m asking on the Steam forums what’s the actual problem. I’ll let you know once I get a conclusion.

Edit: I’ve been able to fix the texture of the model, but now it has an ugly translucent effect. I’m still asking on the forums, but to fix that, I bet it’s going to be much more complicated.