Cosplay and Fan Art


I’ve been looking for the same. Worst case, I can always drop the upper half of the elite skins I’ve unlocked, but still.


Yeah i figure we would have to ask 2K for that since extracting asset is not possible


I made a cheap art of antisepticeye as…a turtle, yeah, a turtle…

But you know, why not using TRS’ logo to turn him into a turtle?
Well…you know, he’s a turtle, yeah, he claims it. What, you’re not convinced? Then watch this.


Antisepticeye… lol


Greetings TRS and fellow Evolve Lovers…
I know it may be very late but a lot happened and life sometimes makes it hard to continue on projects one would love to finish in time…I failed in doing so in time…there was even a moment I thought I would not manage to finish it ever…but here I am presenting to you one of the few things in my life that I am actually really PROUD of…
I managed to make him real…Bob lives…:smiley:

P.S.:yes his stone plates are more or less free moving…free hanging bowels aaand his tongue is extandable…though not much to see in this pictures…:slight_smile:

and with this I want to thank this Forum and this Community for being as great as you all are…it was this kindness and great communication that made me love the game…and the people playing it and staying faithful to it…sadly soon we only may have the chance to play it in private sessions since they’re shutting down the servers…therefore I apologize again for being late :confused:
Wish you all a great day/night wherever you may be!

Your Favourite Character?

That is really cool. I expect it to be in the mail soon heading my way. :wink:


Oh my god that is adorable and awesome! I LOVE it! What is he made of?


Back when I started this project I actually planned on creating those on order…and then life happened and suddenly I had no time to do anything…still do not have much time but I wanted to cheer you guys up despite recent news…:expressionless: …but making him took a lot of trial and error and a lot of bleeding fingers…since I hand sewed him basically…^^’


He’s made out of a lot of love and dedication…:D…

jokes aside…

it’s a plushy made from two different fabrics…the darker one is a soft skin like fabric and the outer brown stuff is fluffy fur-like fabric…his bowels are made from the skin-like and another brighter fabric…
and all his stone-plates are made from cutout felt and sewn together to give it this stone-like texture…
the last coloring and details I made with fabric colors…and the wadding to give him the bulky form we know him for…^^


I tried to do something very simple with SFM right now, since I haven’t touched it after a whole year. Good thing the model has been ported this month.

By the way, when I first spawned the model, the face plates and the tusks were not placed properly, so it kinda gave a nasty look to the behemoth. It’s way better with the plates and tusks than without.
There’s also something I haven’t noticed with the behemoth, the middle-right plate holds an eye and it’s the only eye that is connected to the plate compared to the others who are connected to the face, it makes it weird.


I don’t think a lot of peeps know Enter the Gungeon here, but I’ll still show you a sprite I made with the same art style.



That’s adorable.




I hadn’t seen this yet…it is simply amazeballs gorgeous.


thank you kindly glad you also like it since some ideas for realization came from posts you made…it helped me in finding good solutions for creating plushy bob…so yeah really thanks sledge :slight_smile:


YES! Beautiful work!

Are you planning on doing any more, out of curiosity?


I’d like to do the running animation and the dodge animation. I inspired myself from the Pilot to make that sprite. It’s simpler since it’s a tiny sprite, althrough I like when it’s detailed.


Now these Evolve sprites need to be incorporated into an awesome Evolve-esque sprite game!


I’m making some progress so far. I made a token for the character selection, a reaction when opening a chest and a running animation. For now, this is the running animation for West/East, I’ll do the rest later (which are NW/NE, SW/SE, South and North). I’d be happy if it becomes an actual reskin for the game.

The token when you select him.
The reaction when opening a chest.
And finally the W/E running animation.

There are mods for Enter the Gungeon, but I didn’t see a lot for it. The sprites I’m doing could be used as a reskin, or maybe for a mod that adds him as an unlockable character. I wish the later option is possible…



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