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I finally had some time last night to do some art! So I’m gearing up for DMing an Evolve themed D&D campaign late this year (my first ever), so I decided to make a star map for my players!

Gigantic disclaimer: it’s not 100% canon. I did some heavy modifications to fit my campaign plans (for example, I’ve only got one planet in the basilisk nebula instead of four, and I arbitrarily picked St. George’s World to be part of the hegemony even though we have no details on their planets, etc). That said, I did work hard to include every named planet I could find in the game’s dialogue or in the written fiction. I also read in some of the preliminary fiction that Shear was modeled on Kepler 22B, so I tried to roughly scale that part of the map to where it would be relative to earth in reality.

It’s not show up well on mobile, but the first one has some territory marking and travel routes while the second one has just the stars and planets.

EDIT: Oh shoot, I just found that the hegemony is rimward of hub. Dang. I’ll revise this at some point.


Late reply, but you talked about “fictions”, are they canonic to the story of Evolve?
By the way, super good job on that. There’s many planets that I didn’t knew were in the lore, idem for some sectors of the Orion Arm.


The fictions? Absolutely. If you missed it, Matthew has a whole section full of short stories of the events leading up to the game here:

There are a couple of scrapped fiction pieces as well that aren’t canon, but they’re labeled as such.


So, maybe some of you have heard about someone in the tournament from the previous and current weekend who spent 100€ for the tournament and then got disqualified due to “cheating behavior”.

I had him in my friend list, but then I removed him because of the cheating behavior AND because of a voluntary misinformation towards the admin (pretended that it was Big C who was sharing cheats, which was later proven false).

I formerly was working for him because he has a project called “Evolve Stage 3: Origin”, I had worked for him for more or less 2-3 months. What I was doing is pixelated versions of many logos from Evolve, what he wanted was to save RAM for the weak computers or otherwhise the big logos would eat more RAM.

This is the result of what I did before getting bored with the work and later removing him from my friend list due to the behavior he had during the tournament yesterday:





Weapon reticles




Character levels

Niveau%201 Niveau%202 Niveau%203 Niveau%204 Niveau%205 Niveau%206 Niveau%207 Niveau%208 Niveau%209 Niveau%2010 Niveau%2011 Niveau%2012 Niveau%2013 Niveau%2014 Niveau%2015 Niveau%2016 Niveau%2017 Niveau%2018 Niveau%2019 Niveau%2020 Niveau%2021 Niveau%2022 Niveau%2023 Niveau%2024 Niveau%2025 Niveau%2026 Niveau%2027 Niveau%2028 Niveau%2029 Niveau%2030 Niveau%2031 Niveau%2032 Niveau%2033 Niveau%2034 Niveau%2035 Niveau%2036 Niveau%2037 Niveau%2038 Niveau%2039 Niveau%2040

AI difficulty levels

A%20niveau%201 A%20niveau%202 A%20niveau%203 A%20niveau%204

Game modes

Mode%20ar%C3%A8ne Mode%20chasse Mode%20contr%C3%B4le%20de%20zone Mode%20nid Mode%20sauvetage


Ic%C3%B4ne%20Assaut Ic%C3%B4ne%20Medic Ic%C3%B4ne%20Soutien Ic%C3%B4ne%20Trappeur Ic%C3%B4ne%20Monstre




pretty cool


This looks awesome!! I love every single one!


Wow… such talent! I especially like the Nest one and the Perks.

If I may how long did these take to make, approx.?


Around less than a hour for each, and much less for the recoloration.


Recently got an iPad and the Pencil to draw on the go, but the Pencil annoyed me that it’s just white so I now have a skin that makes it look like a real pencil. From far away people get confused and think I’m using a pencil on my iPad lol





This is my take on Evolve wallpaper thank to Tarkan amazing work as an inspiration.Feel free to tell me any flaw you find


I love it! I’m saving it as a I type.


Finally some content! 2 months since no one ever showed any fan-art, I’m happy people still use it.




This makes me want to hop on Stage 2 again.


Flaw? I don’t see no flaws



There are no monster in it *kek


Since i am at it, does anyone possesed the in-game skin of hunter and monster image asset ?. I am looking for Elite skin of said hunter and monster