Cosplay and Fan Art


I have never heard of PixilArt, but I use to make my sprites.

Edit: I checked, and it’s basically like

Edit 2: The thread where I posted my videos, I deleted them because they weren’t so entertaining to watch.

Edit 3: I completely forgot to add that I have tweaked Kala.

The lightning effects aren’t so remarkable, but it’s something at least.


PixilArt is just a place to post Pixel Art and show it off. Sometimes you can get Picture Of The Day for doing really well

Was your first edit meaning you already checked out PixilArt?


The tool only.


Since I haven’t posted anything in a while, I thought that I might as well put this picture here. I drew this late last night for my sister’s Spanish project. This is by no means any good, but I thought you guys might get a kick out of it.

Looks pretty decent compared to what I usually can draw. I’m certainly no artist though.


Better than anything I could do. Cute af


Evolve will live vicariously through all of us in both art and fanfictions.


I worked a bit on Hyde this evening, I’ll do the rest later. For now, this is how he looks like.

PS: The boots are shorter than what they should be on the forum because of the black backrground, it should look better on a colored background like when viewing it in a new tab.


Don’t forget to add the sweat stains under his arms and around his neck when you do the wife beater :laughing:


I’m just gonna leave a little preview of my new fan art project here for now <3

That background is gonna end me, send help :"D


It’s…it’s…so beautiful!
The time is going to kill me now.


That’s goddamn lovely.
Although I’d say that the forelimbs seem a little short. Been a while since I actually looked at Kraken properly, but I believe to remember his entire posture to be extremely strange because of them.


Thank you very much!
And yes, you are absolutely right about the anatomy! The preview I posted was more of a very rough draft for overall composition that I do for all of my artworks, and I tend to not focus too heavily on accurate anatomy for those.
I might post another preview once I have an actual, refined sketch for Kraken done! : D

I’m actually hoping this to be done in a few days, so hopefully time won’t do that to you! :stuck_out_tongue:


I liked the post earlier, but was at work and couldn’t post anything. That being said…

How are you so good and yet still so fast o.O


Possible new background?


oh my god it is so beautiful!!! :open_mouth:


That’s not an egg, you silly goose. It’s a pseudo-organic matter conversion unit. You almost had me fooled, ya did.


They’re called eggs whatever because they look like eggs, but I know that they’re teleporters instead.


Hyde is a clean man >:c


Riiiiiiight :stuck_out_tongue:


Pseudo-organic matter conversion units*