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I have yet another problem. I’ve been obsessed with buying stickers. No idea why, but it’s a cheap way if buying art pieces I guess. It’s become a major competitor for my figure addiction, as it’s absorbed some of the money I usually set aside for them. It has some Evolve art in it so I guess it can go in this thread. If not it can be moved.

He’s my collection of trash. This isn’t all of it, as I have more coming, some aren’t placed in the book yet, and some pages only have one or two stickers, so I didn’t bother getting pictures.

Btw, if anyone here wants to absorb what little spare cash I have, open up a Red Bubble store and make some Evolve fan art stickers. I will literally buy all of it. Looking at you @Shika

Send help. I can’t stop. I’m a fucking child trapped in a 19 year old’s body.


It’s been a long time since I did not post any pixel art, so here is Caira!

Caira Diaz

I kinda messed her legs up a bit, I think.


Look fine to me :slight_smile:

No weapons for them :?


Nope, I’m not ready for adding them yet. It requires a lot of accuracy, I don’t want to make gigantic weapons in the hands of the hunters.


Oh yeah, I can see how scaling could be difficult. Take your time.


I wonder who you think crafted this weapon, but I know who… :

DIY rifle from Rénald

Hint: this weapon is as big as a truck.


That’s gud. :+1:


A friend of mine did this

I usually do stuff on Piskelapp, but he did it on Paint instead. Personally, I wouldn’t be able to reproduce something like this on Piskelapp.


I don’t get it…where are there 3 people in that conversation…shouldn’t there be 2?


What’s that? What’s that red glowin’ thing I see over there? That’s an egg…yup, an egg.



Oh my god it glows



You guys probably know what I’m going to do with this.

Sorry that I haven’t been around to post much here lately, but I’ll try to be better about doing that. I’ve been trying to deal with some rather nasty depression issues, so I put off doing some of the stuff I said I would do. Your picture is on the way Specialist, don’t worry. It’s first on the to do list. I’m hoping to get some time to do it before the middle of march as I’ll be having carpal tunnel surgery on my hand. Which means I’ll be unable to use them for around 3 weeks. :upside_down_face: After that though, this is next, for sure.


No worries :slight_smile: I’m actually surprised that you still remembered, cause I didn’t lol


Happy to know you’re still there, budd. I hope you’ll feel better after the operation.
Anyway, I kinda am in the same mood, currently. My dog’s suffering from a lot of diseases that appeared suddenly this Wednesday, she’s 15 anyway so I guess it’s how life goes…
She had a spasmatic breath, her infection growing, black urine, she doesn’t eat the food we serve her anymore and she can barely stand on her paws.
My parents have decided that the doctor will put her in sleep and use a lethal substance to kill her without pain.


Sorry man. That’s really tough.


I’m thinking of drawing Hyde as my next MRB-style character.
Since he’s a sociopath (which puts him in the insane type of character), I think about inspiring myself from a mix between Boris (who is insane enough to throw his own poop at his ennemies)…
…and Ivan (who is a brutal killer, he can literally crush the head of his ennemies with his bare hands).

Be patient @ToiletWraith, I know you love Hyde but don’t hop everywhere yet. It takes time to draw.


I really really love this art style


They’re not mine however. They belong to Mother Russia Bleeds.


I learned that from your gameplay videos you had :stuck_out_tongue:

But it’s still a really cool art style, lol

I wonder, have you heard of PixilArt?