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Holly crap, that is a massive bead indeed.


Holy crap! Looking good!


@Magmafiend I thought I’d give you a heads start on your next giant one :wink:


I like your thinking. Who knows, I might just do that. :wink:


Holy shit, it’s finally ready to go. I just have to iron him and he’ll be finished.

Now, I put Mags near him just so everyone can get a good idea of how massive this thing is, and how big it still will be when it’s fully assembled. Not going to iron him tonight, it’s too late, but I’ll have it done sometime tomorrow for sure. I’m thinking of putting this one on a canvas afterwards, since it’s way too big to go on my wall. I’ll probably paint a background similar to the scene in the game and attach it with some sort of glue. Should look pretty damn nice.

Edit: Missed a “how”.


I wish I had a pop like that too…but instead I have Soldier 76 from Overwatch and the assisted armor from Fallout.

And for something THAT BIG, that must have took you a whole lot of time. It’s the biggest bead I have ever seen from you


Yeah, it probably took up the most time out of all of my bead projects, since it’s the biggest thing I’ve done so far. It probably took a good 16 hours of my free time. Each piece took a good 2.5-3 hours to put together, and a good 15 minutes to iron.


Here it is all ironed out! He’s huge! I put a dollar in there for scale this time. If that isn’t enough, I held it up against some of my previous projects so you could get a sense of how big he actually is.


He is massive


I’m gonna show it to my sis, I just hope she’ll respond because she never visit the forum even though she has an account (which is @Skoph)


Hey @Shika, I wonder if you could make a Kala vs Moira draw, like when you did the Goliath vs Meteor Goliath one except that it’s two different universes meeting each other.

Edit: not meating, you dumb fuck of Dovah!


First off, @Dovahkick, fuck you bro, with all my love <3
Second, this is absolutely stunning and incredibly massive! I like how accurate it looks compared to the original! The proportions seems to be well respected and I have nothing but compliments to share and you deserve each and every single one of them! I absolutely love the game and I can assure you you ddi the Bad Batter justice!! :smiley:


Just what I needed, to be reminded of how much OFF terrified me.

Great work tho :smiley_cat:


Yesh… I can’t even get @LorenTheGinger to say “with all my love”


I added your idea to my list of possible future projects, but I won’t make any promises yet. I’ve really fallen out of love with OW, so finding the needed motivation might be difficult…
Still a really cool idea you got there, though! :smiley:


But why? Because of the community? The balance? Why?
I kind of admit the community can be very annoying most of the time in this game.


:point_right: :point_right:


Anyway, these are cool :ok_hand:


I did 30 out of the 40 level banners!
Niveau 1Niveau 2Niveau 3Niveau 4Niveau 5Niveau 6Niveau 7Niveau 8Niveau 9Niveau 10Niveau 11Niveau 12Niveau 13Niveau 14Niveau 15Niveau 16Niveau 17Niveau 18Niveau 19Niveau 20Niveau 21Niveau 22Niveau 23Niveau 24Niveau 25Niveau 26Niveau 27Niveau 28Niveau 29Niveau 30

It took me around an hour to make them all except the lvl 31-40.

Edit: Here are the 10 others, from 31 to 40.
Niveau 31Niveau 32Niveau 33Niveau 34Niveau 35Niveau 36Niveau 37Niveau 38Niveau 39Niveau 40


Not sure if I can pinpoint exactly what made the game so unfun and unenjoyable for me, but the points you mentioned certainly were part of it.