Cosplay and Fan Art


Then again, I would be more than willing to send anyone what they request, but I doubt anyone has a P.O box.


Don’t doubt young one. I live with my family still :stuck_out_tongue:

Sledge sent me the Halloween Evolve drawing and my dogs sushified. She’s given me things that I shouldn’t have needed either but she’s awesome for it

My headjack broke so she got me a headjack that plugs into a USB port which worked.


Mah goliath!


Your Goliath and my pop Goliath are next on the to do list. Yours has to be done in mini beads though, since it’s comprised of so many pixels compared to what I’m used to.


Don’t worry, it’s easier to make bead sprites from a pixel art rather than a draw or a photo etc…


True. Very true.


Since I always go all out when using my big board, I added a background and name plate to my Tali piece. I also gave her some eyes, since it seemed a little too plain without them. I don’t have time to iron it right now, so if anyone has any criticism for me or would like to change something, let me know.


Instead of giving her eyes (because she looks evil like that), maybe you can give her helm a sort of light reflection.

Something like this:

Here, the helmet can reflect the two light spots.


Having a lowercase “i” when everything is block capital feels a little bit odd IMO. Other than that looks good.


I just fucking realized that. Thankfully I wasn’t able to iron it. I’ll fix it when I get home from work. Thanks for pointing it out!


Well here she is, all ironed out! I fixed the lower case I in the title (No idea how I missed that). I did decide to keep her eyes though, sorry @Dovahkick. I just like it a bit more than the blank mask, that and you usually see her eyes through the visor anyways.

I wasn’t able to get a proper light source behind it, but the visor is clear when you hold it up under the light.
I also made this little nightmare for my sister, who asked for a pennywise.

Here’s a bit of a sneak peek at what everyone really wants to see. He’ll be done later this weekend (Hopefully).


Oof, that goliath looking dope already.

I might have request for you. I’ll send it in a PM tonorrow if you don’t mind


Sure! Go right on ahead.


While I asked you to make my Goliath, I decided that I would make an armor for him this time.

It’s an armor for Edward which has been crafted by Rénald from the wrecks of the crashed ships. While Rénald learnt how to craft equipment after the Patterson’s galactical blackout, he would be able to make gears, weapons and armors by simply recycling materials left on the ground…a bit like Jack but without the power of technology.


Station de DJ


Here’s a bit of an update on Goliath. I ran out of dark gray (of course), so I have to go get some more. Otherwise, he’s coming along great!


He still looks cute even tho he’s half finished


It’s really a cool one. I’m not a fan of the Goliath Pop figure, but though your beads are cool.
I can’t wait to see the fina







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hello, friend!