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But don’t let us turn your wallpaper into a Where’s Waldo :laughing:


The Titan’s also in Evolve: Hunter’s Quest if anyone had the luck of playing this game, but now it’s a dead game. Impossible to play it because of its servers beeing down.


I remember that game having a lot of the cut wildlife that didn’t make it into the main game. I never played the game, but I did see the art. I always thought the Lava striders were really neat. Reminded me of netches a bit.


You know what, I was actually thinking a lot about the wildlife and all the effort put in there lately. I may do something separate with that down the line for each ecosystem.

I’ll do that down the line though. For now my focus will be on some alternate versions of this wallpaper and the nessecsry resources for the kali comission with shika.


I made a slight tweak to the Wraith this time, I wanted to take the potential of one of my own SFM pictures and use my Wraith sprite to make a character.

IMO, it’s really not a lot for a tweak, I just had to draw the bandage and paste the saw-bat in his hand.


Doesn’t look half bad at all :smile: I would be slightly less terrified that Wraith isn’t using her giant dual scythe arms on me but hey! Cool idea :joy:

Also who is “Rénald Hoffnung”


The same stuff as Edward, but this time it’s a fictive character. I tried to find a random name and mix it with a german word as a family name (hoffnung means “hope” in german).

I wanted to make a character in the skin of a Wraith, a character I invented myself.
Edward was a soldier in the field of Dieppe in France, but Rénald would be a survivalist and a raider from another planet of the Milky Way that used to be very independant on the Patterson technologies until Parnell broke it.

The civilisation of this planet decided to scavenge what was remaining of the now useless technologies to build houses and other more useful structures. It’s sort of like Mad Max but in the year 2300.

When he died, his soul instead of going forward in the future like Edward did, went backward into the past until he wakes up inside one of the eggs as a Wraith and fall like if he never knew how to walk.


Interesting, but I like :heart:




What is that watermark?




You know what would be cool?
An evolution of the monsters chart. Scorpid to Goliath. Grounder to Kraken. Teleporter to Wraith. Host to Gorgon. Rocky to Behemoth.
I prefer them in that order.


I thought the Whip Spider was Gorgon


I might give some leather/scrap clothes/armors to my characters like the skin of a Tyrant as a hooded vest or the remains of a crashed ship as an armor plate.


Host didn’t become Gorgon. Host is a separate still existing entity.




Forget the monsters. That things the real threat.


In my headcannon Host is an inspiration for Gorgon.
Also @ToiletWraith I don’t need your Freemans here.


Well your head canon is disproven by real canon. Just saying.


Hey @mizx, what if we tweak a bit the logo of the forum by this?
Turtle Rock Community
It’s exactly the same logo but with “community” instead of “studio” so it looks more legit for the forum itself.


Hello again! I’m back with another late as usual update for what I was supposed to have done a long time ago. Here are the outlines for Specialist’s Destiny pieces. One is finished, so that’s what they’ll all end up looking like. They’ve been sitting like this on my desk for around 2 weeks now since I ran out of black beads. They’re supposed to resemble torn up hanging flags.

The holes will end up looking better when they aren’t covered up by glare from my overhead light. They’ll also be finished later tonight. I just have to fill the rest in and iron them.