Cosplay and Fan Art


That’s awesome! I love going to conventions, it’s one of my favorite hobbies.


Ok, well, I kind of met my deadline (not really) for at least one of the two things I promised to make. After this, any request I get, I’m not going to put it on a set schedule. I’ll just get it done whenever I have time to do so. Anyways, @TheMountainThatRoars, your Grimlock is finished!

@The_Specialist, I’ll have your destiny symbols done very soon. I had them done, but they just didn’t look right, so I started over on them.

I also just realized that I had liked @Grimy_Lief’s original post that had the Wraith drawing I used, so I had known where it came from all along. Fuck me and my janky ass memory. I apologize.



It’s so adorable!


Someone make Parnell’s drug a meme art!

It’s a bug I discovered last year in Legacy…and god I love that messy bug.
Val’s like “What the hell?..”


It is complete! :monster:

I was originally gonna do a purely metamorphosis monster wallpaper, but I felt the old concept art for the hunters just matched too well to leave out! (plus, they helped mask some parts of the monsters I couldn’t clean up enough for my taste)

If you want this with any other sizes/resolutions, let me know, and I’ll set it up for you!


Can I have one with just the Monsters as well? This is sooo nostalgic I love it


I’ll give it a whirl! I may have to sub out Rocky and Grounder. I was just too attracted to those portraits, but they have no legs. I’ve got good resources though. I’ll give it a shot in the coming days!


Thank you very much :smile:


There is a lot of hunter art I haven’t seen there, specifically for the T1-T4 hunters. Where’d you find all that?


I saw a signature on some of the early T5 concept art from the development thread and followed it down the rabbit hole of Google until I found the T4 art. I’ll post a link later when I’m not on mobile.

The T1-T3 were from that seedsy thread with all the rad assets and such. They were located in a weird subfolder I didn’t expect to find.


:open_mouth: you even put them up in pairs so they all are Tiered :smile:


No Scorpid?




I was going with the most updated iteration of each monster pre-evolve (I think that Goliath was still Scorpid 3.0 if my memory serves), but you know what, Scorpid 1.0 should be in there - it’s too classic to not be. I’m adding that to tonight’s list.


I completely forgot about him too, he’s like the Goliath’s grand dady.

Too bad Metamorphosis isn’t an official game but more like a prototype of game in fact…so nobody expect the studio can play it (if they kept it).


Oh, and wasn’t there a huge environmental-hazard-wildlife that would burst up from underground and insta-gib you?


This guy?


Somehow I thought it had arms that it would use to tear you in half, but not sure. It was before my time. That one’s cool too though!


That was this guy I believe.


The Snow Titan, yeah