Cosplay and Fan Art


Lmao your art is also wonderful! :smile:
I love your Gorgon and animated Wraith the most, but they’re all rly cool!!


That’s not my Gorgon. It belongs to @Aramet

EDIT: I’m currently trying to make the sprite of Caira and it starts to look nice so far:
Caira Diaz
@Caira_Or_Riot, do you like to see a Caira cut in half because she’s not done yet?

Anyway, while I was working on her, some soundtrack to the tastes of MRB (Dance of the Rusty Nails) can help me keep myself in the mood to prevent me from beeing lazy.
I’m gonna stop for now 'cause it’s 3 and a half a.m in France and I have to go to school…yeah I know…studies are important, but I like to break the time sometimes.


oh shoot, sorry about that! My eyes just aren’t workin today. :sweat_smile:


I’m really glad you like it! I love your artwork, and I thought that it would be the easy to translate to beads, so i went ahead with it. I’m always worried that someone is going to get pissed off If I ever use their artwork, so I try my best to give them the credit, sorry I wasn’t able to do so with you at first.


Going to make a quick update since it’s getting late and I’m tired. These are some projects that I had already finished, but were un-ironed. My “Commissions” aren’t done yet, but will be done tomorrow.

As you can probably tell, my SCP 173 project absolutely fucked my ironing paper. So, in order to iron the other stuff, I’ve got to run to the store tomorrow and buy some more. 173 is designed to fit in line with other potential SCP projects, as the name and symbols are formatted to fit together to form a longer line of pieces. Pennywise’s eyes glow in the dark. Sorry for not following my set schedule for shit, my time has been extremely limited due to some unforeseen problems.


I still like SCPs lol


Looking good dude! Loving them!

Are you using parchment paper? If not you should just pick up a huge roll of it!


I’m just using whatever came with the large boards I bought because I was too cheap and lazy to go get a big roll of the stuff.


I don’t know the prices but I wouldn’t be surprised if they buy parchment paper and upsell it for the beads! Should be pretty cheap.


That’s exactly what they do!

Head to Sam’s/Costco and buy a 2 pack. You’ll never run out!


Yeah, I went and got some perler brand paper from Joann’s for now, since I’m on a bit of a time crunch. Five bucks for a decent sized roll of it. I’ll probably go and get a larger roll from Costco later when I have time.


Question! Does anybody know where I can find a good picture of grounder or rocky? I’m making a metamorphosis themed wallpaper, and these are the only ones I can’t seem to find a full version of.

I'm looking for a full version of these if possible


That’s too cool! That’s going to be my Mid October wall paper (If it’s done by then lol)

I sadly don’t have one


Any of these help?


It does! I’ve been debating which of these to use for a while- the last one is the closest but the 3D doesn’t match the other concept art I’ve verb using. The first two are beautiful for style but they’re older versions.

I’ll play with some filters tonight - I can probably get something to look good with a bit of practice.


In my opinion I’d go for the 2nd design. Captures both the monster’s role as a ranged electricity based fighter (based on the fact that it doesn’t have strong arms like Goliath would have) and also the weirdness that a lot of the monsters from Metamorphosis had.



Perfect! I will use these tomorrow evening. I spent some time touching up Rocky tonight, and it’s looking good enough for me. Grounder will be the last bit, and I’ll have the wallpaper up soon!

Thank you both for the resources!


I know Labor Day weekend was a while ago, but I attended DragonCon Atlanta with my good friend back then. It is a 4 day multimedia convention with focus on TV, Movies, Comics, Video Games, Cartoons, Anime and much more. It spans between 5 hotels in the downtown Atlanta area and is a must for any nerds or geeks with the dough to make the trip. Here’s some pics I got while there. Granted it’s a lot less than I usually take.


Also forgot to mention I got to meet David Yost and Jason David Frank, the original Blue and Green Rangers respectively. I also picked up some dope art work and collectibles along with JDFs autograph. I haven’t had this much fun in my entire life, and this was my third year at DragonCon