Cosplay and Fan Art


Alright, I’m back with another update. I’ve got the plans laid out for the Destiny symbols and the design I want to use for Grimlock. I also made something else, just because It’s been so long since I’ve done something Evolve related.

As you can also see, I made Pennywise from the 2017 version of It.

The wraith is based off of this piece of art that I found in my Evolve folder. I couldn’t find any source, so here it is.


Here are the plans for the two pieces I’ve been asked to make. For Grimlock, I’m just using another piece of art I found, as I can’t seem to get a good design going. For the Destiny symbols, I’ve made a layout for how I want them to look. If @TheMountainThatRoars and @The_Specialist want to give me some feedback on what they think, I can get started tonight.

(Please excuse the white splotches on this layout, when enlarged they become numbers, which correspond to a certain color.)


I love how the Wraith is like “Ayyy, wadup?”

I was going to ask people on this thread if they could help me make sprites…but your stuff is cool and I prefer to let your post noticed for a moment before I post, so you can have some credit from everyone.


Isn’t that @Grimy_Lief’s signature?


Well that looks pretty cool! I was more thinking of without the animals, BUT I still love it! Thank you :smile:


I actually had no idea they were a member of the forum. Never seen them post here before. Is Grim still active?


Well shit, If I can do it without the animals, It’ll make it a lot easier for me. I can make the symbols bigger that way. I’ll go on ahead and do that.


Not sure. :confused: Just figured it was too much of a coincidence not to be Grimy


Grimlock is gonna be amazing and Pennywise is siiiiick!


Anoyone here use Piskel? I did a couple of animated sprites for my project a few months ago, but now I don’t feel confident anymore in doing them. It takes a lot of time, of adjustments, of modeling and of precision.
If anyone could make the Behemoth, the Kraken and/or the Gorgon on a height of more or less 100 pixels, that’d be really cool.
And if possible, one of the hunters would be cool but on a height of 90 to 100 pixels.

I have some examples of my own sprites here to give you an idea:



Kala not animated or is the file not playing?

Either, that looks amazing. And I’ve never heaed of Piskel


Kala was the first, so she wasn’t animated.


Well, here’s a gorgon sprite I found on the forum a long time ago. I’m going to attempt to bead this, but I’ll post it here for you now since you were asking for more sprites. I guess it’s the scarab skin though, and not the default.

Edit: Looks like you have to click on it to see it. It won’t appear regularly.


Nope, the Goliath was the first and Kala the second.
Plus, my sprites are inspired from the character sprites of Mother Russia Bleeds. A beat them all game in an alternative Russia around the 80’s where 4 protagonits (and antagonists) are sent away from their rural fight to end up in a lab for drug experiments, the game’s very animated and it makes it feel “alive”.

Anyway, the monster sprites should be in a sort of stance.


Kala hasn’t been animated yet. I can animate her if you want, but it would take some time.


No need! I was just wondering if it wasn’t working or not


This is what happens when I speak for others, I fuck it up. Sorry about that!


Naaah, it’s alright.


@Toiletwraith Yep, that’s mine! ^u^
I haven’t been around for a long time, but I’m glad I came back bc all this art I missed out on is amazing!!

@Magmafiend Dude those are all so cool!! And I feel honored that you would use my art to create your own!! :smiley:

I should probably change my signature soon so I can be more easily located in instances like this. :sweat_smile:
Anyway, I hope everyone has been doing good, and I can’t wait to see what else y’all create!


And meeeee? Why not meeeee? Is my stuff gooooood?


Thought so, I know that signature when I see it :smiley: