Cosplay and Fan Art


Omg, that is so amazing! I love it!!





That is equal parts adorable and fabulous! I love it!


Murder Puppy hugs awwwwwww


Your art creates such positive energy that it triggers a Like Cascade in which I like the post and everything following it. :smiley:



The Legends Speak, They Are True


Those datas…I can’t wait to see what’s inside while doing this post


Oh my, thank you all so very much for all the nice replies! You all seriously can’t imagine how much it means to me seeing people enjoy my art! You guys are the best! <3


Well it’s your fault. Can’t just expect us to not love an amazing peice of work then find out it only took you a day or less lol.

Appreciation = Motivation


Ugh… I’ve been so busy with work and college that I haven’t been able to do jack shit lately. I’ll be working on some stuff tomorrow once I finish my homework. That grimlock you requested is first on my list.

*Edit: I’ve cursed properly now. No more autocorrect BS


No worries, I completely understand! Take your time!


Well, it’s been 17 fucking days since I last replied to Mountain, so I should have something right? Well not exactly. Turns out I needed more beads than I had anticipated, so I needed to get more, along side finding some free time to actually start making shit. I got around to getting those beads, but not before I ran out of time. Before I got around to getting what I needed to make Grimlock, I experimented with only using grey, white, and black beads, so I ended up with these pieces.

I’ll finally be getting around to doing both that Goliath I said I would make, and the Grimlock for you Mountain, this week/weekend. I promise.


I have a little ol request after you are done with mountains


Sure, go ahead and let me know. I can start laying out the plans for it tonight.


As I’ve been playing a lot of destiny lately.

Was wondering if you could do the Destiny 2 class symbols


Sure! I’ll probably get around to drafting them tonight, then they’ll be done by the end of this weekend, or near the beginning of next week. Hunter, Titan, and Warlock right?


Very correct :slight_smile:


HNNNNNNGH that dead space marker…