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I am commissioning this with Shika soon. Don’t worry, it will happen. :stuck_out_tongue:


Include that she doesn’t have to worry about me for now


When Shika will get a wished model of Phantom Wraith, will you ask her if she can give to Phantom Wraith the personality of a villain rather than a beast while she draws it?

To explain why, Phantom Wraith is the biggest treat in the lore of Evolve for the fact that she teleports from planets to planets and leave destruction and death on her path (she teleports monsters to whipe out the populations), and because she do that, it means that she’s the smartest monster of all (even more than the Krakens) and is the tactical leader to whipe out every life beeing.

Since she is tactical and smart, it makes her an unique monster. I mean that she is the only Phantom Wraith who ever existed, no Phantom Wraith would exist without the humans and their experiments.
So she needs to look like a villain rather than an usual monster (even if she is a monster herself).

Something I’d like to see is Phantom Wraith front viewed, holding her arm to open a gate while she stare at the viewer head down.
Or maybe you can leave Shika to her choices, it depends on you and her.


I’m 99% sure that this was a rumor spread because of the speculation that Phantom Wraith was the Ajax Monster. There was a lot of misinformation spread around since the End of Evolve Q&A (understandably so given how hectic and sudden 2K’s contract ending was), and I’ve done my best to keep it all straight. I’ve fact checked my notes extensively, and I can’t find any official source that takes the story in that direction (though if I missed it, please direct me there! I am always open to new info).

To the extent of things I have for certain, Phantom Wraith is the one being vivisected in the wraith trap. It evolves to an insane power level through months of what is essentially torture and escapes containment. The Crew is sent to kill it, however it turns the hunt around and kills most of the Crew - Caira for sure dies here, and possibly Griffin. We don’t explicitly know who dies, but we know that Abe, Cabot, Maggie, Hyde, Lazarus, Bucket, Sunny, EMET, Parnell, and possibly Jack make it out alive. It is unclear if this is the only phantom wraith, or if more spawn over time.

As for main antagonists, Kala is the biggest baddie outside of Patterson himself. Patterson is the reason the Monsters attack in the first place, and Kala is the one that ends up unwillingly hyper-accelerating the proliferation of the monsters across the universe. As far as I know, Kala is the only completely unique monster.

That being said, I’ve seen the rough draft (Shika works insanely fast - no idea how she does that, but holy geez it is impressive) and it looks BEYOND villainous. :smiling_imp: We’re discussing adjustments now before things get polished (though if you ask me it already looks way more detailed than a sketch. Artists blow my mind).


We can then say that Phantom Wraith is the one who teleports the monsters and Kala is the one who increase the proliferation of the monsters. But Kala only increase it on Shear I believe, which means that Phantom Wraith is teleporting the monsters not only from Shear but also from their world. If Kala dies, that doesn’t mean that the treat is completely stopped.

But since Kala is unique, I can say that she is ONE of the biggest treats in the lore. I still thought that Phantom Wraith only teleported the monsters from their own world.

Plus, the wraith from Wraith trap in the cage is not only tortured, but also used to create gates to help the colonists escape from Shear. Since she is in an orange liquid, that she probably got injections and is beeing used for experiments, it means that those experiments and the chemical liquids turned her into Phantom Wraith, haunted her and sinked her in the lust of revenge.


I got 3 images in 3 hours…I am absolutely stunned at how she does that

I’m super happy she took you up on the offer, can’t wait to see it


It’s a fine headcanon! Things were early enough in development that it can be interpreted in many ways. Personally, I haven’t seen enough to back it up in my book, but that is just me (and I’m kind of a stickler). Either way, as the monster to kill most of the crew, Phantom Wraith is definitely a major villain no matter how you like to think of it.

She’s freaking amazing! I’m commissioning every single known adaptation that got cut off using whatever I can from the interviews and stream Q&A, then I’m pooling my resources to possibly commission pure fan made adaptations to “fill out the blanks” of each plot era to the best of my ability. We’ve agreed on how to go about it a pretty good while ago. I’m just now having enough time to refine all my notes and enough money to properly compensate her for her effort. I’m lucky to know somebody as talented at art and passionate as she is about Evolve!


I’d rather think about a villain who is willing to make the humans pay for her torture, who has lost her mind and who is determined enough to end the story of humanity.
That’s how I interpret the personality of Phantom Wraith.


Seriously thoe… <3


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Aaaw, that’s so cute!


The Kali/Kala picture is adorable


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Thank you! Was something I quickly threw together when I couldn’t sleep the other night and I’m super happy with how it turned out! :smiley:

Here’s a larger version if anyone is interested: