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You are insanely talented Shika!! I am saving a copy of this for future background use!

(also an aside, I promise I still have that document for you. Life has been chaos lately on my end. Sorry for the wait!!)


There can be only one Emet master mind, and that one is me. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!!


Ah, thank you so much Takran!

And no worries, take all the time you need! I totally understand! Of course real life comes first! : )


Na fam, Emet has 2 personalities, so we can share. I just get the better half. The nice half. The glitter half.


I’m back!

I just started working for the first time ever, so I’ve had absolutely no time to bead anything. Now that the weekend has finally arrived, I could finally start building stuff again. Unfortunately, I have to revamp my Goliath design yet again, because it won’t exactly fit on my board. In the mean time, I did some work on other projects.

In honor of the new Wolfenstein game coming out, I made this piece, which is based on some of the initial release posters for The New Order. I’ve modified the Nazi Imagery a bit by replacing it with blank flags on the background buildings and having the cross worn by Deathshead be shown instead of the usual stuff. If I decide to hang this, I don’t want any swastikas.

This one is the logo for the game Depth, which has been my obsession lately.

This is based on Shockwave from Transformers Prime.

What’s that? Do you hear it? Sounds like…

I finally got around to doing something Evolve related! It might not be anything huge, but I’m glad I got it done nonetheless. This Torvald is based on the lovely pixel art done by @xTr1ckOrTr3atx.
In addition to this, I’ll be fixing my Goliath design, I’ll be making some more small stuff based on Tr1ck’s art, and I’ll be making something special in dedication to the studio that gave me one of my favorite games of all time. That special project will hopefully be done by tomorrow night, if not, it’ll be done early this coming week.


That’s some awesome work there!

I can’t take much credit for the Torvald though. Much of it is based off of an image created by TRS. I just translated it into pixel form.

I still have all of my original files for the pixel art I’ve done, so if you’d like any of those files let me know and I’m happy to send you what I have. Just give me a tag and I’ll still get e-mail notifications.


Oooooh, do Grimlock!


I hope @Torvald_Stavig is still around to see this!!



Will do. Is there any specific incarnation you want me to make?


I just found my new desktop background.


OG Grimlock! Not the Bay version, please!


You got it! I’ll probably have it done this week.


My little homage to TRS is finished! This one was a bit tough for me to design, as I wasn’t sure how to fit all of the logos into such a small scale. I still think it turned out decent.

I decided to move away from the claw print for the evolve logo as it looked oddly shaped when scrunched down. I think the big V is a suitable replacement. Yes, the Face Your Fears logo does indeed glow in the dark. The picture does not do it justice though, as it’s much brighter in person.

Predator - Goliath Fan Art: My Way to Say Thanks for Evolve

Omg! Those are amazing (and adorable)! Nice work!!! And the face your fears logo!


Even if it’s hard to notice, it gives a hidden effect like if it was lurking in the color.


That is so freaking AWESOME!! Amazing work!


Cute profile picture, but Ace is cuter :stuck_out_tongue:


This is just a recolored Wraith to plan the future look for Phantom Wraith. Because I believe that she adapted to the orange liquid in the container from “Wraith Trap”.

This is not how Phantom Wraith should look, it’s only a prototype to help me decide the colors for her real form.

EDIT: I found a quote from an EbonStar report telling that Phantom Wraith is in fact black. Now I feel like I kinda broke the way Phantom Wraith changed. I’d have to rework the colors tomorrow.


Now that’s much better, an ash like skin to hide in the scorched ruins. And it’s much better than an orange from the 70’s.

I said that I’d do it tomorrow. Well too bad, I did it sooner…because I was too concentrated?


Nobody has done Phantom Wraith yet? Dang it! I’ve been waiting for 20 days and no one ever did a concept for Phantom Wraith…
So I repeat, if anyone is skilled enough to draw/sculpt a Phantom Wraith whatever the tool used, I’ll ask one of the mods if they can allow the artist to change his/her title if he/she is the first to post his/her creation.

It’s all or nothing!