Cosplay and Fan Art


That’s why there’s Piskel, an online tool to make pixel arts.


I’ve had to push back working on @Dovahkick’s sprites for a while, I’m missing some important colors. In the meantime, I’ve started working on something that everyone might recognize:

It’s the Glacial Behemoth made by @Shika!
Here’s the original artwork compared to the pattern I’ve made:

Hopefully I can have this done and ironed sometime tomorrow.


Wow, that is some hardcore perling!


This took a lot longer than I thought. I ran out of white beads just before the end, so I had to get another bag. He’s huge! I didn’t think it would come out as big as he did. I had to make a chunk of him off the board because he wouldn’t fit all the way.

He also barely fits on the space I picked out for him on my wall.


Sooo good!! :metal:


It’s not really Evolve themed, but this is my current character on Starbound:

I don’t know about the folks here who knows Starbound, but the Hylotl is my favourite race. They’re so cute!

PS; I made him with Piskel…yes…I wasted all of my time for that while I could just screenshot the game with my character in it, but I did him with Piskel and I’m proud of it.


So I attended ColossalCon in Sandusky OH last weekend with my good buddy. I cosplayed Kakashi Hatake again and he went as Leon Kennedy. Here’s some highlights for those who like anime or cosplay or both.


Here’s some Thousand Years Of Death pics :smirk:


And last here’s my friend as Leon with peeps


What’s the bikini girl supposed to be? Lol


Sakura. ColossalCon is at kalahari which is an African Savannah themed indoor water park, so a lot of cosplay is beach themed.


:heart: all the undertale ones :heart_eyes:


They fill me with… DETERMINATION


Here comes Cabot:

He was rather simple to do in fact. Maybe it was too simple to do.
I can also resize him so he could be used as a special emoticon.

I’m going to continue and make more characters like him, because it’s fun.


“Hop la!”, two other characters on the list, this time as Hyde and Maggie.

Here are the smaller ones.

Hey @ToiletWraith! I know you love Hyde.


Love em! Please keep going!


Chaining up!

I might have to sleep however, it’s already 4 a.m right now and I’ll have to do important stuff tomorrow (well…it’s too late to say tomorrow but whatever).


Another list of characters with two bonuses for E.M.E.T

Hey @Terepin , check 'em out!


I really like these. Great job, Dovah!


I took a bit of my time, for those. But I’m not going to stop!