Cosplay and Fan Art


Color of the background changed to avoid coloring issues with the front head and allow more precise modifications for other users (that’s why it’s green).


Can I do any kind of cosplay/fan art here or does it have to be evolve/TRS related?


Well I personally want to see it, regardless of affiliation.


Alright Kakashi Inc


Went to a con last weekend in Columbus OH. Here are some pics I got.


That Jhin tho XD
Other than that, amazing cosplays, including yours!
That “Juust Right” one is amazing too :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


#One puuuuuuunnnnnnccchhhhhhh!!!


I just stumbled over this.

Pretty cool. :thumbsup:


The coolest! Man I wish I knew how to sculpt that well.


Holy moly that is amazing!



Greetings! Coming back after a shi-load of months to remind myself of the ole’ times, back when the game was still livin’ and breathin’. I won’t be here for long though, just for a couple minutes.

While I’m looking at what’s been happening around here, I thought I might as well upload some of my old works. Here are the old images I took from Evolve campaign mode and edited them a bit in GIMP.


The Parnell pic look really spot on


Yeah, he looks demonic IMO.


Ahaha,i would say he look badass or he have some nasty plan with the monster


@Shaners @snowkissed @mizx look at these! :heart_eyes:


Those are beautiful! :purple_heart:



Takran, how’s your work on the Goliath costume? You were working on it since 1 or 2 years!


not much progress at all. A big part of that is due to graduate school - I was in a different state than the costume for the majority of the time. I’ve completed sketches for the rest of the design, but now I just need to earn the extra spending money to follow through with it. It is pretty much just coated in that sculpting fabric at the moment. I’m a bit worried I’ve waited so long it has become too brittle to properly sculpt >_>

That said, I am not doing other costumes until this one is done, and I consider it a hobby, so it is next on the list.