Cosplay and Fan Art


Woah the is not a small print. I wish I could use the printer at work so freely! I can’t wait to see how that comes out! :smile:


It is large. I put it together. Here are some pictures from the print bed.


Looks amazing! Can’t wait to see it finished


Oh man! This is gonna be seriously awesome!

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Are Evolve monsters designed in Mudbox?


It really depends on the artist and what they know or prefer, but the vast majority of the characters for Evolve were made using Zbrush and 3ds Max. Some of the later work done in 2016 was made using Maya instead of 3ds Max, and some artists used Mudbox or Substance to texture characters instead of just Zbrush.


The software you mentioned are awfully expensive




Here is the figure held together.


They do have student versions were you get the full software but for educational and private use. It is a little cheaper that way. Zbrush is great. It is very powerful. I am using it to make the monsters.

Just recently I printed a Gorgon piece which is right above this post thanks to Zbrush. Used Simplify 3d to turn the stl files into g-code.


Okay, but this is so awesome - will you share the printable files at any point? I want to find an excuse to go nuts on the printer. :smiling_imp:


I do intend to. This first one is a trial run on It is currently being approved but after I send these pictures of it printed, it should be automatically approved. I hope. I would like to receive credit, have it shared and, and subscribe to my YouTube channel because I will post a timelapse of these figures being made in Zbrush. Share especially with current and former evolve players.


Holy crap that is huge!
Are you planning on the entire model or just the bust?


I will print the whole model but I want to start with the printable busts. I am gauging the time it takes to print, size impression and the amount of material. I also want to find a good post finishing process for the models. I may use the resin printer. It is really cool to have a monster bust that is this size. I want to have other ones like this or I may reduce the size and I think a more manageable size would be 5 inches tall instead of the 7 inches. So that When I print the other ones, they won’t take too much space.

It would be cool to print them all at this size. Thinking about it.


Dude… Yes. And if you ever managed to start on the hunters at that size… I demand that you work on Hyde first. :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t know how bad I needed this in my life until right now. Simply amazing!


… That’s what she said.

I’ll see myself out :point_right::point_right::door::door:



…you’re a Developer, Skills.



That got into my mind when I listened to Alan Walker’s song “Spectre” (fun fact, Spectre is Wraith in french). So I did this for the fun (and maybe create a new character, DJ Wraith, who knows if people will like it? )