Cosplay and Fan Art


Still waiting. He’s a busy guy and on the opposite side pf the planet. I expect things to be a slow, but really badass if it all works out.


What’s Rock D?


He’s an artist. I wanted to commission some fan art based on some of the lost adaptations. I’d do this myself, but I am not great at from scratch art.


I love that you call him Glalie.


Did he at least send commission info?


Dude, that’s my boi Glalie.


Those monsters looks gorgeous!



You draw that ?,wtf that beautiful


It’s an edit of mine. I didn’t draw that completely.


Who did then,seem absolute neat


Someone called GNDillustrations.


Digitally sculpting Glacial behemoth right now and eventually 3d print him on my 3d printer. I sculpt traditionally as well and will post the traditional one later. Thinking about having all of the monsters. Here are some images of him so far.

If anyone has the spare time, it would be nice if I could get some help collecting some reference material for glacial. Some nice screenshot of many angles (ideally from stage 3). I have some but have not gotten around to taking some more. I would be able to finish faster. It is unfortunate that they were not able to release the turnaround of him before the contract ended.

Here is an example of a previous sculpt and that I have 3d printed on my printer. I have one filament one and a resin one. I used the filament one in this one.

Another practice print of a piece that I digitally sculpted. Printing on the printer. Short video.


Holy shit! :open_mouth: That looks amazing!


Thanks. I will finish it once I get some more reference material of him. Later I will slice the model into pieces. So that I have something of a model kit like in the end of the Ghost sculpt video.


What program are you using to sculpt him?


I am using zbrush. I find zbrush to be an amazing program that is best for traditional sculptors. Feels like working with clay at times. When not sculpting digitally, I use oil based clay to sculpt traditionally.


I’ve always wanted to try out zbrush. Digital sculpting seems quite fun (with a learning curve).


Digital sculpting requires prior art experience still as well as understanding the software’s capabilities and tools. It is fun once you take the time to do everything else first. Trying to just jump in is not ideal. Traditional sculpting is easier to start off and much cheaper. I want to use digital to enhance my traditional. Here are some other stuff that I made traditionally.

This sculpt was made before the release of behemoth back in 2015.

Did not get around to finishing wraith but I would like to restart on it. Maybe make it a little larger.

Couple other pieces (I have been a little preoccupied with other sculpts and would like to finish these. )


I really enjoyed watching you do the Gorgon and Slim one, they look incredible.