Cosplay and Fan Art


I was thinking of doodling some Evolve monsters with like, Halloween themed skins on. Maybe I will start on that later today :o


I loved this movie so much.

I honestly even think that there were some cool accidental nods to evolve with “godzilla has reached stage four” and a main character named Patterson.


I couldn’t find a single picture with a good view on Kraken’s crotch.

Now that may sound strange, but because of that I had to redraw this quick sketch of the monster in question.


Just a little something I’ve been working on…more of an experiment messing around with Photoshop to be honest.


hahaha i love it.


Oh, TRS… Where’s this merchandise…?
I would love to have a hunter or monster halloween costume. I got some buddies that would help me be a tier (i.e. Maggie, Val, Markov, Hank, and Goliath duking it out)


I dipped my self in a vat of glue and rolled around in a gravel pit for half an hour. I’d say my bob cosplay is pretty on point. Will upload pics after i’m out of the ER.


I think you know what i mean @Hillbilly_Deathlord


I think wraith would be the most sought after costume, but slithering around on one’s belly like that might prove to be a challenge.


Hope you don’t mind but I might borrow that for my costume. Was going to do Kraken but keep getting arrested whenever I try cutting a bunch of power cables off my local pylon.


I’m still working on a Goliath costume. I don’t have a huge amount of time to work, and it’s pretty intricate, so it’s taking forever to make.


That’s dedication. I just stole a bunch of tesla lamps from spencer’s and taped em to my body.


ok, i was just saying that it would be amazing for there to be actual, somewhat mass produced, costumes, including the hunters.


i rly dont mean to be creepy or anything so i apologize if it comes across this way but i rly love ur art and style and was wondering if u have a website for ur art cuz gosh darn… Good Stuff …


ur not creepy dont worry!! i do have a tumblr/deviantart (both are dabbudraws)
i do not post there tho!!! honestly i’ve been posting all my recent art here


Could you update this image with Battle Cabot?


I’ll be updating it with even more on Tuesday :wink:


Awesome thank you


Could you possibly add the Host to the picture? Using this version :


I can do a variant with the host if you want it! I want to make sure I cover one with only in games stuff first though.