Cosplay and Fan Art


Exactly what @skills4u2envy said, @Shaners.
I actually have quite a few more projects regarding Evolve fanart currently in the works, too! :smiley:

@DandyAss Thank you very much!


Does this include Hyde per chance? ;w;


Not sure. Does it? ;D


I need dis!



Posted this in another topic but here is a picture of Kala in a swimsuit.

Time: A little under 30 minutes.
Tools: Num. 2 Pencil


Graet! Nao ya gonna draw Hyde in swimming shorts.


…or am I?


Nah. I’m really bad with humans :sweat_smile:


I honestly dont think it looks bad. Besides, practice makes perfect!


I assure you. I’m better with beasts.

Although this was from sophomore year of high school, 3 years ago. Oops.


Dear Dev team, can we get a Bob turn around? I scrolled all the posts, maybe missed it…



Du-Dun, Dun ,Dun Dun. Du-Dun, Dun, Dun Dun

My first proper picture using a graphics tablet. Still got a ways ahead of me in terms of learning how to effectively use it…

I think I messed the arms up a bit, doesn’t properly portray the angle the arm is held at. Also the stock of the shotgun may have been cut short, but hey ho.


Just remembered I had these two monster pictures collecting dust in my folder for over two months now. Oops…
I hope you people like them! : D


Like them? I love them!


:heart: it!


These are so cool! I love the little eye-glow you gave Goliath, and how curious Wraith appears to be!
Good job! :grin:


as my duty demands, i shall show up here and drop fanart randomly. and of course it is sunny again


Some Fan Art by me. I posted this on the forums last week but forgot to post it here. I hope you all enjoy!


This isn’t mine, but I love this so much that I feel it should be on here.